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Abbas and Fatah's choices

Yassir Al ZaataraThose who have seen the leaked minutes of the meeting between Mahmoud Abbas, the Qatari Emir, and Khaled Meshaal, accompanied by a delegation from Hamas and Fatah, which seem to be credible, would see a president in a dire situation, as he continuously says "he is fed up".


Obama's strategy solidifies Arab chaos

Ahmed Al-GaoudFor the past two weeks the international media has focused on a speech given by US President Barack Obama about his strategy for tackling ISIS. The so-called Islamic State has been expanding at an alarming rate and now poses a threat to many of the Middle East's unstable regimes especially its kingdoms. In reality, Obama's speech did not introduce anything new or address new ways on how best to counter the increasing threat that ISIS poses to the region.


The coming days will not be calm for President Erdogan

Mahmoud SadeeqThe man who used to sell cakes and bread on the streets of Istanbul is now sitting on the throne of the successor to the Ottoman Empire. The shrewdest, most civil and most distinguished of men, the poor man from Istanbul is now ruling Turkey in very sensitive conditions in the most volatile and turbulent region of the world. He is leading his country to modernity, economic development and a scientific renaissance, lifting Turkey out of its economic crisis to a ranking as the 16th most prestigious economy in the world. This man, who has now reached the Çankaya Köşkü presidential palace in Ankara, was able to attract over $100 billion in foreign investments and raise Turkish exports to $152 billion in the past year. He was also able to triple per capita income, while increasing Gross National Income (GNI) by 100 per cent.


The PA undermines Palestinian liberation

Asa WinstanleyAl Jazeera this week revealed an explosive letter from the office of the top prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. In it, Fatou Bensouda recounted a meeting with Riad Malki, the Palestinian Authority's foreign minister.


The West Bank: where Israel's Gaza propaganda falls apart

Writing in Israeli newspaper Haaretz this week, regular columnist Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie bemoaned the difficult task facing Israel's supporters internationally, in the aftermath of the devastating, murderous assault on the Gaza Strip.