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Gaza: A self-healing dilemma

Killing and bombing are finally over. Yet, I can't feel that the war is! I don't think we will for a long period of time... if we ever could!


Iraqi refugees from Mosul seek a home away from home

Nikita MalikOutside the Catholic Church in Marj el Hamam, Jordan, two teenage boys diligently put together a set of shelves. They pass time as they wait for the line outside the shared bathroom to clear. The serpentine queue is filled with female friends and companions getting ready for this evening's Mass. It is difficult to imagine that a mere ten days have passed since their families escaped the Islamic State (IS) in Mosul.


The feelings of both sides

Dalia AlnajjarEver wondered how it feels when your house gets destroyed on your head? And how does the pilot feel when he pushes the button that releases the bomb?

Let's start with the story of my friend's miraculous survival after her family's house was demolished while they were still in it.


Short Stories from Gaza

Latest attack on Gaza 2014

It's extremely difficult to find a starting point when trying to write about martyrs. The death toll has now reached 2,016, including 433 children, 243 women, and 85 elderly. While the number of those injured is 10,193.

They have left thousands of stories to be told and incurable pain behind!


Once Upon a Time in Gaza…

Palestinian children cryingThese are short stories from Gaza, a brief picture of our suffering. The reality is much more painful!