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Unsung heroes

Poppy AppealIt's that time of year when British citizens get a chance to come together to mourn the country's human losses and remember those who sacrificed their lives in time of war. Some of those remembered were volunteers but the majority were probably conscripts.


New figures show Egyptian economy is collapsing

There has been a major decline in the Egyptian economy since the coup in July 2013, the economic reporter Mamdouh Al-Wali has revealed.

In a blog on Facebook, Al-Wali said that the most significant indicator of the losses incurred is the decline in the number of new companies. According to a report, issued by the Ministry of Planning, which outlines economic and social performance indices for the fiscal year 2013/2014, the first year after the coup, the number of new companies set up was 8,245 compared to 8,946 during the previous year; an eight per cent reduction.


Development Visions from the Impoverished

The world's most extreme poor are located primarily in rural places. Clearly, people's proximity (or lack of) to city centers of decision-making, power and relative affluence is a determining factor in their life experience, alongside other conditions that lead to the systemic poverty experienced by rural families.


Grab your seat at the free Palestine Solidarity Telesummit

Katie MirandaBecause the Palestinian struggle is very important to me on a personal level and I know the same is true for you, I knew you'd want to see this.


Mass Murder in the Mediterranean: Mohammed's Story

Mohammed Al Rantisi (right) with his friend and business partner Sajed (left)Over 400 asylum seekers, including 100 children, were drowned in international waters on their way to Italy after the boat they were travelling on was rammed on 10 September, 2014 by people-smugglers angry because the migrants refused to transfer to a smaller boat.