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Kerry: Qatar, Saudi, other countries paid $1bn for war on ISIS

John KerryAmerican Secretary of State John Kerry said during his speech at the UNSC on Friday that Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other countries have paid $1bn towards the war on ISIS.


Egypt signs agreement to monitor the Internet

Twitter logoThe Egyptian government is now able to monitor private communications on Facebook, Twitter and Skype thanks to the help of See Egypt, the sister company of the American cyber security firm Blue Coat.


ISIS militants seize more Kurdish villages in northern Syria

ISIS forces leave destructionIslamic State (ISIS) militants seized control of 40 Kurdish villages around the town of Kubani in northern Syria on Friday, raising the number of Kurdish villages controlled by ISIS to 60 within 48 hours, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported.


Iraq hostages freed after surveillance and analysis

Freed Turkish hostagesIMAGES

A foreign ministry source says the National Intelligence Organization operation to free the Turkish hostages in Mosul followed careful planning and analysis of other ISIL kidnapping cases.


Australia: Israeli land appropriation 'not useful' and 'unsuitable'

Julie BishopThe Australian government has asked the Israeli authorities to withdraw their decision to confiscate Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank, particularly the latest appropriation of 4,000 dunams in Hebron near the Israeli settlement of Etzion.