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The European asylum system has collapsed

Thousands of Syrian refugees are risking their lives to enter Europe as asylum seekers, but what awaits them are a range of informal and inadequate procedures, some of which only have a veneer of humanitarianism. In some cases, refugees are literally"pushed back" over international borders and territorial waters,before the European countries concerned fluff their pillows, rollover and close their eyes to their humanitarian responsibilities. This is especially so with regards to the now three million displaced Syrians still awaiting registration.


Hamas and the Palestine Liberation Organisation

Hamas and the Palestine Liberation OrganisationEver since it was founded in 1964, the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) has played a leading role in the Palestinian cause. It has also experienced sharp turns over the past 50 years, which have affected the nature of its work as developments in the international arena, especially with regards to a final peace agreement, have affected its role and status.


Wahhabism, the Brotherhood of those who obeyed Allah and ISIS: Has history repeated itself?

Wahhabism, the Brotherhood and ISIS: Has history repeated itself?As a result of sluggishness and weakness it was subjected to in the wake of the downfall of the second Saudi Emirate and Al-Rashid's domination over the Najd region, the historical allies of the Ottoman state, the Wahhabi movement lost the political authority that supported it and helped it and that enabled it to maintain influence and hegemony and to impose its school of thought on the general public.


Lecture: The New Despotisms of the 21st Century

prof John KeaneDelivered in May 2014 in London, this was the inaugural lecture of our Abdelwahab Elmessiri Memorial Lecture series.