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Ethiopia denies receiving funding from Qatar to build Renaissance Dam

Image of the Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia [file photo]
Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia [file photo]

On Thursday, Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokesman Meles Alem defended the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project, she said that Addis Ababa does not need anyone’s permission to benefit from its natural resources and denied claims that his country is receiving funding from Qatar to build the Dam.

In a press conference with local media in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, Meles stressed that the reports published by some Egyptian newspapers do not affect the construction work in the dam, pointing out that the percentage of these works’ implementation exceeded 60 per cent.

He added that what was published by some Egyptian media that Ethiopia is getting funding from Qatar for the construction of the Renaissance Dam is unfounded and he considered it “unacceptable,” stressing that the dam is built using the Ethiopian people’s funds.

He also pointed out that along with the construction works in the Renaissance Dam project, Ethiopia will continue to cooperate with Sudan and Egypt in the upcoming stages.

The spokesman added: “The 17th meeting on the Renaissance Dam ended in Cairo few days ago without consensus because of Egypt’s intention to include the colonial era agreements of 1929 – 1959 as part of the negotiations.”

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Last week, Egypt announced that it has frozen technical negotiations with Sudan and Ethiopia following a tripartite meeting in Cairo, after Egyptian officials rejected the two countries’ amendments to the studies of the French Advisory Bureau on the Dam and its filling as well as operation.

Over the past few days, the Renaissance Dam matter drew the attention of all Egyptian newspapers and TV programs, both governmental and private.

Last Saturday, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi said that no one could touch Egypt’s water share, stressing that it is a matter of “life or death,” in his first comment after his country announced the suspension of negotiations.

Egypt fears possible negative impacts of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on its 55.5 billion cubic meters share of water, while Addis Ababa says the dam is not aimed at harming Egypt. The electricity which would be generated by the dam will help eradicate poverty and boost Ethiopia’s developmental Renaissance.

Ethiopia has been criticizing old conventions that it said took place during colonial times, including the 1929 Convention, the 1953 Convention and the 1959 Convention.

The Convention of 1929 was signed by Egypt with the UK on behalf of “Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania,” as the three countries were under British occupation back then. It granted Cairo veto power over any project on the Nile in the upstream countries and Egypt’s natural and historical right in the Nile waters.

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Egypt signed the 1953 Convention with the UK on behalf of Uganda regarding the construction of Owen Reservoir at the exit of Lake Victoria. The convention ensured that the construction and operation of the dam would not reduce the amount of water which reaches Egypt, modify its arrival date to Egypt or reduce its level in a way that might cause damage to Egypt’s interest.

As for the 1959 Convention, which Cairo signed with Khartoum, it includes full control of the Nile waters which reach the two countries. It also includes the approval of Egypt’s establishment of the Aswan High Dam, south of the country, and Sudan’s establishment of Roseires Dam on the Blue Nile.

It also concerns Egypt’s possession of its acquired right of 48 billion cubic meters of the Nile waters per year, as well as Sudan’s right of 4 billion cubic meters of the Nile waters per year and the distribution of the water benefit from the 22 billion cubic meters of the High Dam water per year to the two countries, so that Sudan gets 14.5 billion cubic meters and Egypt gets 7.5 billion cubic meters, bringing the annual total share of each country to 55.5 billion cubic meters to Egypt and 18.5 billion cubic meters to Sudan.

  • Bright_Bart

    Ethiopia didn’t sign the colonial agreements. Therefore the agreements don’t apply to Ethiopia

    • lemlem lema

      Do not waste time bro. They have no ears and brain.

  • Coffee Party

    You are absolutly right, Bright_Fart

  • Echo419g

    I guess we all should demand that saudis give us free oil.

  • Ras Mitat

    “Nile Agreement”: 90% to Egypt and 10% to Sudan…Comedy.

    Neither of them are the source of the Nile!

    • lemlem lema

      And they wanted to make war for this? Albert Einstein said : ‘” two things are infinite: human stupidity and the Universe.’ He is right, Egyptians show that infinite stupidity to the world and in the 21 century? They wanted Ethiopia to live in colonial time in the 20th century or during colonial time, not in this century? They are really retarded. By the way they are inbreed because they marry their sisters and their brain is not normal. You know if you marry within family member, the child is abnormal. But Ethiopians do not understand this. A study has been done in Europe. Research has shown most of people who suffer from mental illness are Muslims who live in the west. The study showed 80% of them are Muslims. Further study was done as to why the more Muslims mental institution ? The study found that it is because of inbreeding. You can google about mental problem and inbreeding done in Europe its effect on Muslims. President ISIS is really mentally retarded and that is why he mass murdered 3000 Egyptians because they did a sit in protest and he killed them? Only a retarded person can do that. A normal person can not order shooting of 3000 innocents Ethiopians do not know this problem in those countries. This retarded Egyptian General, might open war because he is retarded . If he did not spare his own people? He would not spare us either. The Ethiopian government must know this scientific findings. This study was also done to study terrorism. Islamic terrorism is also based on Islam and inbreed mental problem. Muslims chop heads by invoking Allah Akubur as they did to Ethiopian in Libya and ISIS member also were seen eating the liver of dead Assad soldiers. That also shows mental illness. No human being does such except Muslims. The Ethiopian government must be ready because this people are not reliable and they are un predictable and mentally unstable. Mentally unstable person would not hesitate to mass murder. Ethiopians must be ready for counter and defence attack. Based on their demands, they are not mentally stable and normal. It it like the terrorists. Only a mentally ill person would love and wish another country to live in the 20th century for him to use the water? and force Ethiopia to sign that colonial relic as if is good ? Think about it logically. It does not make any sense. I conclude this is part of the inbreed Islamic problem. I also watched few years ago discussion by Muslims in Egypt students asking if it is Halal to eat human fresh of enemies? One of the speakers said , he said it used to be Halal? But he said, he is not sure in this time. I was so shocked to hear eating human flesh even became legal topic to discuss about it in Egypt? All these shows we are different human beings but we all look humans beings. On top of that Muslims are allowed to deceive, lies, cheat when they make agreement with infidels. Whatever agreement they do is not real it is fake to deceive or cheat or trick. Ethiopians do not know this.

  • Lolla Tesfa

    oh ! Egypt…. we have been hearing you saying “we have all option on the table ”
    i wounder if you have a table let alone an option. i advice all Egypt the Nile is ours
    you should thank GOD for left over drink ….when the time comes we will take back our continent

  • Aba Ferda

    Dear MEM
    First of all the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokesman Meles Alem is not a she but a he.
    As to the DERG Egypt has been shouting they can`t, they can`t, they can`t ………. But GERD is a reality, who ever finances it. The Ethiopians are proud people. They are carefull but fearless, when it comes to their Souvernity and Independence. The GERD is their flagship projekt, which they build mainly and finance totally by themselves. What Egypt and others think about it is irrelevant. The refernce to Qatar as a financer of the GERD, I think, has inword messages for Egyptians:
    1. As we have been telling you Ethiopia could not have built the dam without Qatar money.
    2. Qatar is the enemy of arabs, traiter
    The Ethiopians have a different reading. Egypt is accepting “defeat”. Egypt can`t stop the GERD by no means. All the cards have been played. Qatar is out of Egypts control.
    Ethiopia needs to live in peace with its neigbours for its own aspired development. Accordingly the door for cooperative and mitual
    beneficiary peacefull resolution of the conflict must stay open.

    • Aba Ferda

      Sorry. please read GERD, not DERG.