Djibouti ‘rejects’ UAE port legal action

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) owned port company DP World is looking at its “options” following a legal ruling that sided in its favour over a row with Djibouti over control of the Doraleh port terminal, according to Garowe Online. Djibouti seized the Doraleh Container Terminal from DP World in February, over an ongoing dispute which began in 2012 to “renegotiate terms” of control. DP World built and took ownership of the port operationally, and has a 33 per cent ownership stake, with the remaining 67 per cent held by Djibouti authorities. Despite the port opening in 2009, the UAE says Djibouti pressured it to change the terms for control over the port. Djibouti even vied to buy out the … Continue reading Djibouti ‘rejects’ UAE port legal action