Arafat aide: Saudi Arabia approved Arafat’s assassination

Bassam Abu-Sharif, a senior aide to the late PLO leader Yasser Arafat, revealed yesterday that he has a document which proves that Saudi Arabia approved the Palestinian leader’s assassination, the Shehab News Agency reported.

Abu-Sharif said that the US agreed for late Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to assassinate Arafat with Saudi approval, stressing that he has a document about the meeting which includes this information.

Speaking to Shehab, Abu-Sharif said that Sharon, who had pledged at the UN that he would not target Arafat, told then US president George Bush that he would retreat go back on his word because it was necessary to assassinate Arafat in order to deter the Palestinian resistance.

He said that the poison was administered to Arafat through his toothpaste, noting that he had warned Arafat and suggested that he should not have eaten anything from his own kitchen.

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