Egypt Post employees charged over alleged money laundering

Portraits of Egyptian Pound notes and coins on October 12, 2016 in Cairo, Egypt. David Degner/Getty Images]

Public prosecutors in the Egyptian province of Matrouh have ordered the detention of 25 people, including employees of the postal service, following allegations of money laundering and transfers.

Local media describe it as the largest money laundering case of its kind.

Citing judicial sources, news outlets reported that five public employees and 20 other persons who have accounts with the state-owned Egypt Post have been detained for 15 days pending further investigations.

It is alleged that the Egypt Post employees in Matrouh created postal accounts for other persons for transferring and depositing money with the aim of using this money in illegal activities that "harm the country's interests and security".

Investigators identified ten accounts created and managed by the accused in collaboration with the named account owners.

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