Egypt arrests 14 Copts protesting church destruction

Egyptian security forces have arrested 14 Copts and assaulted a priest in Beheira who were protesting against the destruction of their church in the village of Kom Al-Darah in Abdul Haq. Security forces fired tear gas at the protesters and assaulted Priest Jesse Sobhi who tried to stop the demolition. Four women were among the 14 arrested, according to the Copts United website. Copts United also reported that security personnel went to the houses of Copts and confiscated their national identification cards. The church’s lawyer, Ghali Iskander, says the Copts have been using the church for 15 years before the Abu Al-Matamir city council issued a decision to have it removed. READ: Egypt arrests journalist Shaima Sami Despite lodging an appeal, security forces went … Continue reading Egypt arrests 14 Copts protesting church destruction