Israel turning mosques into synagogues, bars

One of the landmarks of Tiberias, the mosque, also known as the Zaydani mosque, was built on the Mameluke architecture, with a big dome and a minaret. “Like most Palestinians, the Tiberias residents have fled to Syria and Lebanon following the Nakba,” Kamal Khatib of the High Follow-up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel, told Anadolu Agency. “The Zaydani family, however, moved to the adjacent city of Nazareth,” he said. Khatib said the Zaydani family had asked the Israeli authorities to give them permission to renovate the Umari mosque. “The Tiberias Municipality, however, refused, arguing that it would renovate it, but nothing happened,” he said. “Even since the mosque has been closed with Israeli authorities banning worshippers and visitors from … Continue reading Israel turning mosques into synagogues, bars