Inmates’ families rally outside Lebanon’s largest prison amid reports of COVID-19 outbreak

Families of inmates rallied outside Lebanon’s largest prison to protest against the spread of COVID-19 inside the facility, Russia Today reported on its Arabic website.

Protesters deliberately blocked traffic outside the Roumieh Prison.

In parallel, Lebanese activists circulated on social media videos of rioting inmates who are angered by the detection of coronavirus infections among a number of detainees and security personnel, and who demand the release of Roumieh’s prisoners.

One video featured a prisoner speaking about “zero hour” that would be announced after the elapse of the ultimatum given by the rioting protesters to the state to release the prisoners.

In the video the inmate calls on all prisons in Lebanon to be “on standby to support Roumieh.”

“We will open the prisons and break out of them,” he warned.

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