86 families face forced eviction in Jerusalem

At least 86 Palestinian families are facing forced eviction in Jerusalem's Batn Al-Hawa neighbourhood as Israel intensified pressure on them to demolish their homes under the pretext that they lack the necessary building licenses, Arab48 reported today. The Popular Committee for Batn Al-Hawa Families called for people to gather for Friday prayer in the protest tent in the neighbourhood to condemn Israel forces' decision to forcibly evict 86 families living in homes whose ownership is claimed by a settlement group Ateret Cohanim. At the moment, Arab48 reported,three families are facing "eminent" eviction after the District Court in Jerusalem turned down their petition against a ruling by the Magistrate's Court which called dor them to hand their property to the settlement organisation. In a joint statement issued by Wadi Al-Hilwa Information Centre and Batn Al-Hawa Committee, the District Court turned down the … Continue reading 86 families face forced eviction in Jerusalem