Israel exploits the Palestinian trauma of the Nakba

When Palestinians speak of their ongoing Nakba (Catastrophe), they are imparting a political consciousness which the international community refuses to recognise. For world leaders, diplomats and international organisations, Palestine is just fragments of a land and people without a narrative, as evidenced by the mainstream references to Sheikh Jarrah, Gaza, Khan Al-Ahmar, Jerusalem, Jenin, Tantura, Deir Yassin, Palestinian refugees and all other violations committed by Israel which are dissociated completely from its settler-colonial violence. For Israel, such oblivion is, of course, so much easier. Denying the Nakba is just one part of the fake Israeli narrative. Exploiting the Nakba to threaten more violence against the Palestinians is another tool for Israeli lawmakers. Likud MK Israel Katz posted a video of … Continue reading Israel exploits the Palestinian trauma of the Nakba