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  • Hanan Ashrawi’s resignation was evidence that the PLO is no longer important

    For decades, the focus of the Palestinians and world powers supporting the Palestinian people has been on accepting the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) as the sole legitimate representative of them and their struggle. However, the Palestinian leadership’s move inside Palestine and the establishment of an entity under Palestinian leadership...

  • Palestinians are suing Britain, and why not?

    More than a hundred years after the Balfour Declaration, and the tragedies that befell the Palestinian people under the British Mandate government as a result, Palestinian businessmen and affected citizens intend to file a lawsuit against the UK government. They are demanding an apology, recognition of the State of...

  • The French plan

    The decision by the French government to call for a consultative meeting in Paris on 30 May to prepare for an international conference on Israeli–Palestinian peace might have caught many off guard. The French diplomatic initiative had been moving along quietly with few taking it seriously until Paris set...