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  • The conflict of electoral interest between Netanyahu and Trump

    No one could have missed the fact that Israel has escalated its military operations against targets associated with Iran in recent weeks and has expanded the scope of these operations to include Lebanese and Iraqi territories, having been limited mainly to Syria over the past few years. Moreover, no...

  • The significance of open relations between the Gulf states and Israel

    Simple logic dictates that the Arab regimes associated with the US are engaged in an objective alliance with Israel given Israel’s close relationship with Washington. Anwar Sadat realised this obvious fact and therefore decided to establish a direct and open relationship with Israel to complement his decision to sever...

  • The Saudi-Iran conflict and us

    Mohammad Bin Salman has been in control of Saudi Arabia since his father ascended to the throne in January 2015, starting with the military policy he guided through the Ministry of Defence. He is still controlling this ministry until today, and is likely to remain in control until he...