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Jihad Abu Raya

Jihad Abu Raya is a Palestinian lawyer and activist based in northern Israel. He is a founder of the Falestaniyat movement.


Items by Jihad Abu Raya

  • ‘Apartheid Israel’ is not just a political slogan; it is a daily reality

    Around 70 per cent of all towns within Israel — Palestinian land occupied since 1948 — are “for Jews only”; the state’s Arab citizens are banned from living therein. This has been the sustained policy since the establishment of the State of Israel on Palestinian land. The means and...

  • Racism and fires in Palestine

    Whether or not Netanyahu, his government and the heads of the security agencies have been truthful about the cause of hundreds of forest fires in occupied Palestine, and their accusation that Palestinians in Israel were responsible for arson, they should resign. Within four days, hundreds of fires were ignited...