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  • The petition to have Hamas removed from the UK ‘terrorist’ list lives on

    Our petition calling for the removal of Hamas — the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement — from the UK’s Proscribed List of Terrorist Bodies continues to attract signatures following the delivery of the first tranche of 1,410 letters to 10 Downing Street. The petition remains open and we will make...

  • We need a national debate about Hamas

    As bombs continue to be dropped on Gaza, this is an opportune time for an urgent public debate about whether the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, really is a “terrorist” organisation, as the UK government has declared it to be, or a legitimate independence movement of freedom fighters. Hamas...

  • Beating the Zionists and their political ideology

    Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust are the weapons of choice for the Friends of Israel in their determination to preserve their favourite racist colony. They will do and say anything to silence criticism of Israel and prevent the exploration of alternatives to the occupation state that they have created in...