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  • Israel’s racism and cruelty are beyond civilised norms and laws

    Some Israelis insulted Jesus Christ recently in a museum in Haifa, making him into an offensive cartoon and insulting the anniversary of his blessed birth. It was as if they were reminiscing about chasing him across the mountains and valleys of Palestine. Today, they are insulting Al-Aqsa Mosque and...

  • Al-Aqsa is on the verge of destruction

    Is there enough emotion and sense of protectiveness remaining in the heart of the nation to cause it to stage an uprising for sake of Al-Aqsa Mosque? I am almost certain that the emotions in the hearts of the nation have been affected by the things which anything alive...

  • From now on, you are either with Jerusalem or Yerushalayim

    Muslims around the world have their hearts in their mouths, afraid that Trump will actually acknowledge Jerusalem to be “the eternal capital of Israel”. Many Arab and Muslim politicians are preparing statements of condemnation or begging Trump not to do this, while some mosque preachers are waiting for Friday,...