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Samand Muhammad-Shahi

Samand Muhammad-Shahi is a researcher based in Balochistan. He holds an MPhil in Government and Public Policy.


Items by Samand Muhammad-Shahi

  • Is Iran afraid of the Baloch awakening?

    As the Baloch mark the first anniversary of Zahedan’s Bloody Friday on 30 September, Tehran has stepped up its efforts to curb the protests in Balochistan. The Baloch activists had given a call to commemorate the massacre with a two-day protest. To prevent this, the Iranian regime responded by increasing the military presence in the...

  • ‘Bloody Friday’ highlights the plight of the Baloch in Iran

    A month after a brutal massacre, protests continue in Iran’s restive region of Balochistan, home to the Baloch-Sunni ethno-religious minority. Six more people, including three children, were reported to have been killed on Friday as Iranian security forces opened fire on the demonstrators in Zahedan, the capital of the...