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  • The torture battalion in the Israeli army

    I will always remember the crime of the torture and murder of the 80-year-old ill Palestinian citizen, Omar Asaad from Ramallah, by the Israeli army in January 2022, when soldiers arrested, blindfolded and handcuffed him. They then took him to an abandoned building and threw him to the ground...

  • Three Israeli plans for 2022

    The first plan: The Israelis plan to absorb a potential new wave of immigrants from Ukraine, and they expect that Russia will launch a war on Ukraine at the start of 2022, because Russia has mobilised 100 military battalions on Ukraine’s borders. Experts are recommending preparing for this large...

  • Naftali Bennett’s lost tribe

    The news of the arrival of 235 displaced Jews to Israel via Ben Gurion Airport on 13 October went straight over our heads. These immigrants arrived from the city of Manipur in India, claiming that they were Jews descending from the lost biblical tribe of Menashe. Their Judaism was...