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Saudi airstrikes on Yemen: a strategy set for failure?

Destruction of Saudi airstrikes in Yemen


On Monday, the Saudi ambassador to Washington Adel al-Jubeir told reporters that a 10-country coalition had joined a military campaign launching airstrikes over Yemen to fight the Houthi rebels. Saudi and allied warplanes struck rebels in Yemen on Thursday; a death toll of 39 was reported. This abrupt decision has many strategic flaws and poses a long term risk to the national security of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf. The past two decades have proven that the tactic of striking another country to get rid of one terrorist group is an unsuccessful tactic that only invites more political instabilities.


Netanyahu's lies

Asa WinstanleyThat racket you can hear coming from the general direction of liberal Zionists is the sound of lamenting and wailing at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanhayu's election victory.

They are not upset at the prospect of Netanhayu leading Israel into a more entrenched system of anti-Palestinian apartheid, more entrenched colonial policies that seize more and more of Palestinians' land, or even at more wars of massacre against the devastated civilian population of Gaza. No.


The Tunisian museum atrocity and the engineering of renewed chaos

Mohamed Hnaid

Crimes, bombings and killings are a basic ingredient of Arab news channels these days. However, the symbolism and effects of some crimes go beyond mere news. Their dimensions go way beyond the limits of normal crimes in their awfulness, making them a sign of a wider agenda that goes beyond the local time, place and effects.


Beyond the ballot box: how Israel's 'Arab voters' are second-class citizens

An Israeli casting her ballot

On Monday, newly re-elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed regret for his now notorious remarks on polling day last week, when he warned that Israel's Palestinian citizens were coming out to vote "in droves."


What legitimacy does Israel have to be de-legitimised?

Ibrahim Hewitt

Southampton University is hosting a conference next month which has stirred a whole raft of Zionist anger. "International Law and the State of Israel: Legitimacy, Responsibility and Exceptionalism" is, say its detractors, "anti-Semitic" and will, according to one British MP, "de-legitimise the existence of a democratic state". Ah, is that the same "democratic state" wherein one-fifth of its citizens face official discrimination on a daily basis and the de-legitimisation of their culture, identity and existence in their own land?


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