Saturday, August 29 2015

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What would happen if the Brotherhood threw in the towel in Egypt?

Dr Basheer M. Nafi

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is being subjected to the most vicious onslaught of repression and terrorism ever exercised by the Egyptian state against its people since the birth of modern Egypt. Just like previous regimes, the current Egyptian regime is obsessed with the idea that it can uproot the Muslim Brotherhood from society and from the political arena.


Corbyn will confront a bankrupt foreign policy. That's why he must be backed

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leadership candidateWith barely two weeks to go until the election of a new Labour leader, a British establishment project has been launched to stop Jeremy Corbyn at any cost.


Is Tony Blair setting a trap for Hamas?

Asa Winstanley

Reports have trickled out over the summer that Israel and Hamas are engaged in indirect negotiations in Doha. The reports, some of which have originated with Middle East Eye, say that the talks have been facilitated by Tony Blair, and are aimed at establishing a long-term ceasefire in exchange for a lifting of the siege on Gaza and other conditions.


Israeli bulldozers are back in Beit Jala

Olive trees being uprooted in Beit JalaIn 2004, I wrote an article about the story of Nabil Saba, a man from Beit Jala whose family was expelled in the early 1970s to make way for the Israeli settlement of Har Gilo. When I first spoke to him some 11 years ago, confiscation of land for the Apartheid Wall was well underway.


Obama and Netanyahu: A humiliating recognition

Dr Osama Abu IrshaidIn an interview conducted last Sunday on CNN with Fareed Zakaria, US President Barack Obama stated that he does not remember having encountered a foreign politician who interfered with American foreign policy as much as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does today, especially when it comes to the nuclear deal with Iran. Aside from the fact that Obama expressed his “dissatisfaction” with Netanyahu’s interference in US foreign affairs, the American president felt it necessary to emphasise the “special relationship” between the United States and Israel, and the former’s “absolute commitment” to ensuring the security of the latter.


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