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Peace should be enforced before negotiated: It's time for a paradigm shift in EU policies towards the Israel-Palestine conflict

Dr Dimitris BourisOver the past few decades, the European Union has been instrumental in setting up the parameters upon which the so-called Middle East Peace Process was funded and in "feeding" the international community with ideas on what would constitute a fair solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.1


What is hoped-for following 'Decisive Storm'

GCC flags

There is no doubt that the conclusion made by Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states that they had to take part in "Operation Decisive Storm" was the toughest they have had to make; not because of the difficulty of implementing the attack but because they know that Arab weapons should not be used in military operations inside an Arab country.


Why we should vote for Palestine in the UK general elections

Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC)

On 7 May, the British public will cast their votes in the UK general elections. Groups such as the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) are trying to ensure Palestine is a key issue in the elections and are encouraging voters to vote for candidates who support the freedom and self-determination of the Palestinian people. For many voters who may not understand why the issue of Palestine should be one to consider in a UK domestic election, it is imperative that we look at Britain's historical and moral stake in the conflict.


Netanyahu's lies

Asa WinstanleyThat racket you can hear coming from the general direction of liberal Zionists is the sound of lamenting and wailing at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanhayu's election victory.

They are not upset at the prospect of Netanhayu leading Israel into a more entrenched system of anti-Palestinian apartheid, more entrenched colonial policies that seize more and more of Palestinians' land, or even at more wars of massacre against the devastated civilian population of Gaza. No.


The Tunisian museum atrocity and the engineering of renewed chaos

Mohamed Hnaid

Crimes, bombings and killings are a basic ingredient of Arab news channels these days. However, the symbolism and effects of some crimes go beyond mere news. Their dimensions go way beyond the limits of normal crimes in their awfulness, making them a sign of a wider agenda that goes beyond the local time, place and effects.


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