Tuesday, July 28 2015

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Can Turkey and NATO reconcile over Syria strategy?

Bashar Al-Assad

When the US formed an international coalition to fight ISIS last year, Turkey was a reluctant partner. It has been accused, at best, of turning a blind eye to jihadist groups and, at worst, actively encouraging them in order to oust Syria's President Bashar Al-Assad. Turkey has always denied this charge. That seems to have changed this week, as the country has suddenly stepped up its military campaign, bombing both ISIS targets in Syria and Kurdish positions in northern Iraq.


One incident, two narratives

17 year old Mohammed Sami al-Kasbeh.It was early Friday morning on the 3rd July and senior Israeli military officer Colonel Israel Shomer was driving in the West Bank city of al-Ram, next to Qalandia checkpoint when his vehicle was hit by a stone thrown by Palestinian youths and the windscreen was shattered. Shomer exited the jeep and proceeded to shoot 17- year old Mohammed Sami al-Kasbeh.


Why can't I be a Sushi? New film project challenges the stereotypes of sectarianism

-"Sectarianism" has fast become the buzz word of the 21st century Middle East politics; rolled out and dusted off every time a journalist or political analyst wants to make a pseudo-intellectual statement about intercommunal violence in the region. Much like Samuel Huntingdon's much-denounced "clash of civilisations" thesis, the use of sectarianism as an explanatory mechanism for politico-religious turmoil in the Arab world and wider Middle East posits some form of deeper, primordial drive that turns communities against each other and former friends and neighbours into enemies.


The enchanting sound of Le Trio Joubran reaches London as band play to a packed audience

Le Trio Joubran

Le Trio Joubran, a Palestinian band comprising of three brothers from Nazareth, played to a packed audience at the Barbican, London on Sunday night. They sang alongside renowned Algerian singer Souad Massi whose music mixes Arabic sounds with rock and folk influences alongside Portuguese Fado and African soul.


Could FIFA Suspend Israel?

File photo of Palestinian footballers in GazaNow in the Washington, D.C. area, Kuttab is founder of the Palestinian human rights group Al-Haq and also a co-founder of Nonviolence International, which just put out a 45-page report "Report: Israel Hinders Football in Occupied Palestine" with the Palestine Football Association. Kuttab edited the report.


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