Friday, August 28 2015

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Simple drawings bear messages of suffering from Gaza’s children


In her small atelier surrounded by hundreds of small, medium and large portraits, Palestinian painter Majdal Nateel from the besieged Gaza Strip uses her skills to express her hopes for the future through her very simple, yet beautiful and expressive, drawings and paintings.


Middle East Monitor explores the Palestinian Diaspora through a series of short films

Mural of Yasser ArafatAfter many decades of ongoing Palestinian displacement and dispossession at the hands of the Zionist settler-colonial machine, Palestinians today are fragmented around the world. Of the approximately 12 million Palestinians alive, less than half remain within the borders of pre-1948 Palestine. Whilst such realisations are imperative in understanding the Palestinian cause, discussion and debate around the Palestinian issue is all too often restrained to geographic rather than human terms.


Why can't I be a Sushi? New film project challenges the stereotypes of sectarianism

-"Sectarianism" has fast become the buzz word of the 21st century Middle East politics; rolled out and dusted off every time a journalist or political analyst wants to make a pseudo-intellectual statement about intercommunal violence in the region. Much like Samuel Huntingdon's much-denounced "clash of civilisations" thesis, the use of sectarianism as an explanatory mechanism for politico-religious turmoil in the Arab world and wider Middle East posits some form of deeper, primordial drive that turns communities against each other and former friends and neighbours into enemies.


Gaza's amazing dinosaur attraction takes you back millions of years

Gazas Amazing Dinosaur AttractionEXCLUSIVE IMAGES & VIDEO

Since 2006, zoos and parks full of different kinds of attraction have become a prominent feature across the Gaza Strip. Visitors may spend hours touring around without feeling bored. When they chance upon moving creatures believed to have been extinct for 200 million years they are surprised, and the cameras come out to preserve the taste of life in the past.


HRW report highlights mistreatment of children in Israeli settlement farms

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Human Rights Watch (HRW) has published a report entitled: "Ripe for Abuse: Palestinian Child Labour in Israeli Agricultural Settlements in the West Bank". The 74-page report is based upon interviews with 38 children and 12 adults in Palestinian communities in the Jordan Valley. Of these children, 33 had dropped out of school and were working full-time on Israeli settlements.


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