Friday, October 09 2015

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The Drone Eats With Me

Author: Atef Abu Saif
Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Comma Press Ltd
Language: English

Review by Emmanuela Eposti

In the foreword to Atef Abu Saif’s diaries chronicling the 51-day Israeli incursion in Gaza during the summer of 2014, Noam Chomsky writes that “descriptive and analytical prose is too cold, too remote from the human tragedy that is depicted [here]… Further explanation seems only to sully what Atef Abu Saif conveys with such simple dignity and eloquence.” Indeed, a similar conundrum faces the reviewer, forced to deliver a verdict on the pages beneath your fingertips, weighing up the prose, the imagery, the use of realism, before making the final judgement.


A Syrian Love Story: Humanising the revolution


Last week, London’s British Film Institute hosted the preview of “A Syrian Love Story” a documentary by Independent newspaper journalist Sean McAllister who, over a period of five years, followed the lives of Amer and Raghda in an attempt to humanise the Syrian conflict and make it accessible to every person regardless of educational background or political ideologies.


Aesthetics and nostalgia: Remembering Palestine


Thin sheets of muslin cloth hang, tendril-like, from small wooden rods; suspended, floating, in front of the large floor-to-ceiling windows of the long gallery. The light from the windows filters through the translucent material, illuminating the intricate whorls of Arabic script embroidered onto the cloth. These are the names of 30 individuals killed during Israel’s offensive on Gaza last summer; a fragment of loss in a wider spectacle of death.


Monthly Media Digest - April 2013

One of this month's biggest pieces of news was the resignation of Western backed Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. There were widespread hunger strikes in Israeli prisons in protest against the death of an inmate suffering from cancer who had also faced medical neglect by the Israeli authorities, while hunger striker, Samer Issawi, ended his hunger strike following a deal struck with the same authorities.

Writing about the resignation of Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, NYT columnist Thomas L Friedman described it as "very bad news". Unelected Fayyad, you see, "was the 'Arab Spring' before there was an Arab Spring". This was a prime example of the conundrum facing Western liberals who want to export democracy but only if the right people win elections.


Shifting Sands: The Unravelling of the Old Order in the Middle East

Shifting Sands: The Unravelling of the Old Order in the Middle East

Editors: Raja Shahadh & Penny Johnson
Publisher: Profiles Books
Published: 6 Aug 2015
Paperback: 208 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1781255223

Review by Nahrain Al-Mousawi


MEMO conference unites anti-imperialist movements

We are in support of the Palestinian cause because “it is an anti-colonial one,” affirms Garcia. “My people have been subject for more than 55 years to a genocidal blockade by the government of the United States.”EXCLUSIVE IMAGES & VIDEO

There’s a round of applause as Cuban diplomat Jorge Luis Garcia tells the audience that last year Fidel Castro signed a manifesto for international support for Palestine which demanded Israel withdraw from East Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank. Another wave of clapping follows the announcement by Ecuadorian Culture and Heritage Minister Dr. Guillaume Long that last year President Rafael Correa condemned “what we called an Israeli genocide in Gaza,” recalled their ambassador and opened an embassy in Ramallah.


Couscous: The food of life

Couscous film drama

Set in the French port of Sète, Couscous takes us through the dramas in the family life of central character Slimane Beiji, a 61-year old immigrant from Tunisia. The film, showcased as part of the Shubbak Festival and directed by Tunisian- born director Abdellatif Kechiche, is an intense and sumptuous epic of human emotion.


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