Saturday, November 28 2015

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Back Africa Anan to Sisi: You will be sentenced to death soon

Anan to Sisi: You will be sentenced to death soon

Sami AnanA group of officers supporting Egyptian former chief of staff Sami Anan said that the latter is compiling evidence that would implicate presidential candidate Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi in crimes punishable by death.

The "Officers of Egypt Front" said on its Facebook page Friday that Anan is "promising to expose secrets" that would lead to a death sentence against Sisi.

According to the page, known for its backing of Anan as a presidential candidate before he quit the race, said: "Anan decided to leave Sisi for Egyptians to judge him by themselves. He will then return powerfully after Sisi's arrest, soon."

It added that Anan "threatened Sisi, and ordered him to stay away from him and his son Dr Samir Anan."


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