Thursday, February 11 2016

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Back Asia & the Americas Chomsky: Egyptians do not fear the coup, the army, or death

Chomsky: Egyptians do not fear the coup, the army, or death

Noam ChomskySince publishing this interview, it was brought to our attention that the text published by Yeni Şafak was incorrect. As such, subsequent translations of the article by As Sabeel (from Turkish to Arabic) and then by us (from Arabic to English) were also incorrect.

We apologise to our readers and to Prof Noam Chomsky.

For your reference, below is the statement made on Noam Chomsky's Facebook page would like to let readers know that an interview with Professor Chomsky published by Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak on August 26 contains fabrications and is not an accurate or faithful translation of Professor Chomsky's written responses to questions he was emailed for the interview. The original text of the interview is linked here.

Notice of correction posted on August 30, 2013, 10.57am GMT


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