Tuesday, August 04 2015

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Back Europe & Russia Livni insists that EU should not interfere in border issue

Livni insists that EU should not interfere in border issue

Tzipi Livni with Guido WestwelleTzipi Livni has told Germany's Foreign Minister that it is none of the EU's business to interfere in the drafting of any future borders between Israel and a Palestinian state. The Israeli Justice Minister told Guido Westerwelle on Sunday that the issue is on the table for the two sides to negotiate. Livni is the minister with responsibility for the negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

Westerwelle met Livni in Jerusalem and discussed several issues, including the claim by the Israeli minister that the conflict with the Palestinians affects EU-Israel relations.

Stressing the importance of everyone stepping back from taking unilateral measures, the German Foreign Minister said that direct negotiations are in the interest of all sides.

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