Saturday, February 13 2016

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Back Middle East Palestinians ordered to pay Israel to demolish their own homes

Palestinians ordered to pay Israel to demolish their own homes

Israeli SettementsAn Israeli court has not only ruled that a number of Palestinian homes in Haifa have to be demolished but also that the home owners must pay 20,000 shekels (just under $6,000) to the authorities to cover the costs. The buildings belong to Palestinian citizens of Israel who refused to be ethnically cleansed from their land when the state was created in 1948.

Most of the owners belong to the long-suffering Hamid family, which has 65 members. The Israeli authorities want to displace the family and replace them with Jewish settlers. According to Ata Hamid, his family have neither the means to pay for the demolition costs nor anywhere else to go. Despite living in a prosperous city, he said, like other "Arab-Israelis" they suffer grave economic circumstances.

The family has called upon all the Palestinians in Haifa, Lod and Ramle to stand up in their support in the rejection of Israel's discriminatory housing policy. They have asked the municipality in Lod to take appropriate action to freeze the demolition order and protect their homes. Sadly, dozens more Palestinian families and their homes face the same threat.


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