Saturday, February 06 2016

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Back By Zulaikha Abdullah

By Zulaikha Abdullah

Swine Flu Reaches Gaza

Swine Flu GazaThe sole benefit of the Israeli blockade of the Gaza strip has light-heartedly been said to be its containment of the H1N1 Swine Flu virus. Restrictions on movement in and out of this densely populated area as well as ever widening limitations on the import of much needed goods have meant that the virus has been kept at bay until now. Nevertheless, there has been growing fear that the emergence of just one case could trigger an epidemic when it inevitably finds its way in.


Israeli racism in theory and practice

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Israeli racism in theory and practiceBy
Zulaikha Abdullah
Researcher / Editor, Middle East Monitor, London

In recent years, and particularly since the carnage wrought in its offensive on Gaza, Zionist Israel's discriminatory practices and treatment of Palestinians has become subject to increasing scrutiny and criticism by the international community, human rights and humanitarian organizations all reflecting a growing world-wide consensus and repulsion. Israel as a military occupation that implements racist policies against the non-Jewish populations both inside its borders and within the territories it occupies acts in flagrant breach of numerous UN resolutions and is condemned by various international conventions against racism. Yet, meaningful public debate of this pressing issue remains taboo and its very existence is generally ignored.


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