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The EU and Middle East democracy

MEMO CommentaryIs there any difference between the forthcoming presidential elections in Egypt and Syria? The Europe Union apparently believes that there is. While the EU has dismissed the Syrian process as a "parody of democracy", the European High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Catherine Ashton, conveyed an entirely different outlook on the election in Egypt during her last visit to Cairo. "The EU hopes that the next phase of life in Egypt is going to be very positive," she stated. That said, the policy of isolating the Syrian regime on the one hand and rehabilitating the Egyptian junta on the other defies all logic because their records on human rights are equally awful.


Finally, international steps to bring Syrian war criminals to justice

Finally, international steps to bring Syrian war criminals to justiceOn April 15, 2014, France plans to arrange an informal confidential gathering of Security Council members (a so-called "Arria-formula" meeting) in order to consider a report on the mass use of torture in Syrian detention centres that went viral earlier this year.


Publisher Saad Chedid on deconstructing the international image of Israel and Edward Said's legacy


"Despite media censorship, the people are aware of the permanent shelling and military incursions which Zionists have subjected Palestinians in Gaza and neighbouring countries such as Lebanon and Syria. Zionists are responsible for disseminating terror under the guise of military power, which they are proud of and that creates an intuitive denial that is impossible to hide."


Liberal Democrats friends of Palestine issue new position paper on Palestine

Liberal Democrats Friends of PalestineOn the occasion of their party Spring Conference taking place this weekend, the Liberal Democratic Friends of Palestine (LDFP) have isued a new position paper on Palestine. MEMO has been given permission to publish it, as well as a paper on apartheid practices in the West Bank by George Burnett, a member of the LDFP.


The illusive peace: the legacy of Oslo 20 years on

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Briefing Paper: The illusive peace: the legacy of Oslo 20 years on

In 1993, the Oslo accords launched a transitional process that was supposed to end in May 1999 with a Palestinian state in all of the West Bank, including Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. Twenty years on, this transitional period has become a permanent fixture on Palestine's political landscape. All that remains for the proposed Palestinian state is 42 per cent of the West Bank, and even that is fast diminishing due to Israeli settlement expansion.


Notorious massacres of Palestinians between 1937 & 1948

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Notorious massacres of Palestinians between 1937 and 1948FACT SHEET

According to hundreds of Palestinian, Arab, Israeli, and Western sources, both written and oral, Zionist forces committed dozens of massacres against Palestinians during what was called the 1948 "war". Some of these are well-known and have been published while others are not. Below are some of the details of the most notorious massacres committed at the hands of Haganah and its armed wing, the Palmach, as well as the Stern Gang, the Irgun and other Zionist mobs.



Israel denies its Occupation of the Palestinian Territory

The Guardian Weekend Magazine published a map under the title 'Welcome To Northern Israel' depicted a map of Israel encompassing the whole of historic Palestine including the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

As part of Israel's Ministry of Tourism systematic campaign of distorting facts, the misleading map implies that the entire area is Israel and that the Occupied Palestinian Territory including the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and East Jerusalem are part of Israel.