Friday, February 12 2016

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Diary of War Crimes

Day 22 - IOF intensify bombardment and shelling in residential towns and cities

Taha Mosque completely destroyedSaturday, 17 January 2009- DAY TWENTY TWO

IOF continued their offensive against the Gaza Strip for the 22nd consecutive day, attacking UNRWA shelters, as well as medical, civil defense and media crews; white phosphorous continued to be used against residential areas. In the northern Gaza Strip, an IOF warplanes bombarded a water well of the Municipality of Beit Hanoun in Abu Ghazala quarter in the east of Beit Hanoun, and the al-Karama apartment buildings and Taha Mosque in Jabalya.


Day 21 - No trace of humanity - Israeli soldiers standby as two Palestinians bleed to death

Palestinian Red Crescent building was completely destroyed with mortar shells and white phosphorusFriday, 16 January 2009- DAY TWENTY-ONE

IOF continued their offensive against the Gaza Strip for the 21st consecutive day. In the northern Gaza Strip, an IOF warplane fired a missile at a number of Palestinian civilians in Beit Lahia town; 4 members of the ‘Atiya family, including two children, were killed. IOF also shelled a house belonging to Dr. ‘Izziddin Abu al-’Eish, killing 4 members of the family, including 3 of Dr. Abu al-’Eish’s daughters. In Gaza City, IOF attacked residential areas, including Tal al-Hawa neighborhood. They fired tanks shells and white phosphorous bombs at houses and civilian objects, killing a number of Palestinian civilians. An IOF warplane also fired a missile at a wake tent in al-Shoja’eya neighborhood in the east of Gaza City, killing 10 civilians.


Day 20 - A law unto themselves - IOF increase pace of destruction in Gaza

Thursday 15 January 2009- DAY TWENTYReporters and Press personal were targetted by IOF

IOF continued their full-scale offensive on the Gaza Strip. In the northern Gaza Strip, IOF artillery shelled the vicinity of the Ministry of Education to the north of Sheikh Zayed Housing Town. Five civilians (two women and three children) were killed as a result. Additionally, IOF artillery targeted members of the al-Na 'ouq family in al-Juron area in the east of Jabaliya town. Four civilians, including a father and two of his sons, were killed. IOF warplanes also fired a missile at three Palestinian resistance activists near al-Karama apartment buildings west of Jabalya, killing all of them. At least 40 IOF military vehicles moved into the east of Beit Hanoun town. They isolated al-Ferta and al-Nazzaza areas and called through megaphones on at least 20 families living in the area to leave their houses. In Gaza City, IOF targeted a group of civilians near the Islamic Compound in al-Sabradistrict. The targeted civilians were fleeing their houses in al-Sabra neighborhood after being attacked. As a result, 4 civilians were killed. IOF artillery targeted a house belonging to 'Adel al-Jadba in al-Tufah neighborhood northeast of Gaza City. Three of al-Jadba's children and a fourth civilian wNo one was safe- Press were targetted indiscriminatelyere killed.



Day 19 - Twenty-two members of the Al-Sammouni family perish

Wednesday, 14 January 2009- DAY NINETEEN

Occupiers killed whole families such as the Al-Sammouni familyFor the 19th consecutive day, IOF continued its all-out offensive against the Gaza Strip, targeting the civilians and their property. Northern Gaza Strip and Gaza City came under intensive land, sea and air bombardment. In al-Atatra area, to the west of Beit Lahya, Palestinian paramedics found four decomposed bodies; a father and his three sons.

In Gaza City, Israeli warplanes bombarded the al-Sheikh Radwan cemetery, al-Yarmouk Market, a flat in al-Maqoussy apartment building and a UNRWA car. 22 bodies were recovered, including five children and five women, all members of the al-Sammouni family. In the southern Gaza Strip, IOF, backed by tanks and military personnel carriers penetrated into al-Fukhari area in the south-east of Khan Younis amid violent, intensive artillery shelling.


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