Tuesday, December 01 2015

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Karen AbuZayd: ‘No one wants to be a refugee’

Karen AbuZayd at the award ceremony for the Palestine Book Awards 2015EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

In the media frenzy surrounding the escalating refugee crisis in Europe, and particularly in the wake of the Paris attacks on 13 November in which there have been hints that one of the perpetrators may have possessed a Syrian passport, it is often all too easy to forget the very real and harrowing circumstances that have brought so many Syrians to Europe’s gates. Fleeing war, destruction and chaos, the hundreds of thousands of people clamouring for asylum and humanitarian aid have too often been portrayed as terrifying “swarms” or calculated migrants rather than those who have simply no other place to go.


New York’s original Syrian migrants

Linda Jacobs


In the historical iconography of New York, few places capture the imagination more than Ellis Island, the gateway to America and the first port of call for millions of immigrants arriving on the shores of the New World from 1892 to 1954. Mentions of Ellis Island bring to mind images of rows upon rows of people, waiting to be processed; of dreams made and hopes shattered as, one by one, people were either turned away or allowed in to pursue their very own version of the American Dream.


Elias Sanbar on photographing Palestine: ‘It’s a long story of love and hate’

Palestine book awards winners 2015PALESTINE BOOK AWARDS: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

During the ideological battle between the Church of England and Charles Darwin in the nineteenth century, photographers believed that history, as it was recounted in Genesis, could be proved by travelling to Palestine and bringing back images that confirmed the story of divine creation. Along with Egypt, where fascination with the Pharaohs drew photographers from across the world, Palestine, as “the Holy Land”, was one of the most photographed places in the world.


The art of living with a disability in Gaza


Living with a disability can mean coming face to face with numerous challenges during your everyday life, in addition to society’s attitudes which can stifle and limit you, but what happens when you’re also fighting a military occupation? This is precisely the battle that Mohamed Dalo, 21, from the Gaza Strip has been fighting since birth when he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy – the degeneration of the muscles – where almost every aspect of daily life is a struggle for survival and progression.


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