Friday, August 28 2015

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There’s no place for me, which means I can live anywhere: Interview with journalist-turned-poet Dima Khatib

Dima Khatib at the MEMO's Palestine & Latin America conference 2015EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Hugo Chavez, the then President of Venezuela, condemned Israel’s actions during its invasion of Lebanon in 2006. He was the first world leader to do so, and it precipitated years in which he championed the Palestinian cause. After Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip in 2009, Venezuela cut all diplomatic ties with Tel Aviv.


Weaving the way into the Palestinian fashion industry


Celebrating the resilience, patience and perseverance of every woman that has fought and struggled to succeed and survive in or out of Palestine, Untha is an upcoming fashion collection which was showcased in Jerusalem in June.

Untha, which means female in Arabic, is a tribute to Palestinian women who have for decades carried the Palestinian identity under occupation.


Samar Yazbek: 'Writers need to be part of the change in Syria'


Syrian writer Samar Yazbek describes Daesh as "the biggest Satan ever", and "an occupation" created by the brutality of Assad's regime and the international community's failure to take action. Their Hollywood-style videos continue to make front-page news in the west; so much so that horrendous massacres by the regime have been forgotten. "Official statistics say a quarter of a million Syrians were killed but we're probably over half a million. These were all killed by the regime... no one in the entire world is reporting or talking about what Bashar is doing," she says.


Inside Egypt's child torture chambers


Inside a filthy police van near Al-Azhar University an officer points to a fragment of light shining through a tiny opening: “See this bit of sun?” he asks Amena Yasser and the 16 other young men and women inside. “We’re going to put you behind it and we’ll see if you ever see the light of day for the rest of your life.” According to the Egyptian expression, when you put a person behind the sun they disappear.


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