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Palestinian concessions

Dear Editor,

Re: Stop Giving Palestinians a Pass

Dennis B Ross is looking at the Palestine-Israel conundrum through the wrong end of the telescope. Instead of asking what the Palestinians should be made to pay for focusing on "symbols rather than substance", he should be asking what price the Israelis have to pay for their ongoing military occupation. It is surely a unique situation where the occupied are being told to make concessions, while the occupier which treats international laws and conventions with contempt is made out to be the victim. Mr Ross and his ilk need to wake up to the reality that the world is wising-up to Israeli (and US) exceptionalism. Justice needs to be done and seen to be done, and it is hoped that the ICC will be the vehicle for this. Only the most unjust of people could really believe that those Palestinians who have already agreed to give up 78 per cent of their historic homeland to Israel should be forced to concede even more.

Ibrahim Hewitt
Senior Editor,
Middle East Monitor

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