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The war ends

When the war ends, you still can't go home and rebuild your life in Iqrit.

Where you now live, the West Bank, was formally annexed by Jordan on 24 April 1950, giving all residents automatic Jordanian citizenship. Around the same time, Israeli pass the "Absentee Property Law", making you doubt what would be left of your home if you did return. The 1950 law classified every citizen or persons that owned property in Israel but were present in an "enemy" territory (such as the West Bank) as an "absentee", therefore allowing the Israeli state to become the custodian of the property.

But then, just two years later, in 1953, the State of Israel seized Iqrit's lands under the Expropriation for Public Purposes Law - a law which allowed such land takeovers for defence or agricultural development purposes.

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