Interactive map of Syria

Since the uprisings in 2011, Syria has become unrecognisable and its population has been forced to flee or endure life in a war zone. On the interactive map below, Middle East Monitor has brought together key information from the Syrian conflict. Using data from organisations deemed experts in their fields, the map includes coalition airstrikes, attacks on medical facilities and medical personal, statistics of those killed and alleged chemical attacks, alongside other information.

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Who killed the most civillians

Civilians have borne the brunt of the conflict. It is incredibly difficult to find verifiable data on the number of civilian deaths in Syria due to the difficulty in collecting information. We have used the figures from the Syrian Network for Human Rights.

Airwars has estimated a much higher civilian casualty rate caused by coalition air strikes. They estimated a minimum of 1,642 civilians killed by Coalition forces.

The chart below has been compiled from figures from the Syrian Network for Human Rights.

  • Assad Regime: 187,624 people
  • Rebel Forces: 3,468 people
  • Russian Forces: 2,684 people
  • Non-State Forces: 3,890 people
  • Coalition Forces: 626 people
  • Unknown Forces: 2,523 people

Attacks on medical facilities in Syria

As the situation in Syria has worsened, the urgent medical needs of its people have increased. Unfortunately, medical facilities have also come under attack. According to Physicians for Human Rights, there have been 382 attacks on medical facilities. The below pie chart details who is responsible for these attacks according to data from Physicians for Human Rights.

  • Assad Regime: 293 attacks
  • Rebel Forces: 16 attacks
  • Russian Forces: 35 attacks
  • Non-State Forces: 25 attacks
  • Coalition Forces: 1 attack
  • Unknown Forces: 12 attacks

Attacks on medical personnel

757 medical personnel have been killed; find out who is to blame for the deaths

  • Assad Regime: 667 people killed
  • Rebel Forces: 1 person killed
  • Russian Forces: 35 people killed
  • Non-State Forces: 38 people killed
  • Coalition Forces: 0 persons killed
  • Unknown Forces: 15 people killed