Israel seeks bill to execute those carrying out resistance operations

A number of Likud MKs seek to present a proposal to amend the Penal Code and Counterterrorism Law, including handing out death penalties to Palestinians who carry out operations against Israelis occupation forces.

According to Israel's Channel 7's website yesterday, the amendment proposed by Likud MK Nava Boker will include adding two clauses to the Penal Code, one of which stipulates serving the death penalty against those carrying out resistance operations.

The second amendment stipulates issuing the death penalty against anyone who assists those carrying out operations or organisations working against Israel.

In addition, two amendments will be made to Article 39 of the Counterterrorism Law, which states that the punishment for an act of mass terrorism, which causes severe bodily harm to a large population, and for an act of terrorism committed using unconventional weapons, even where these acts do not result in death, would be life imprisonment.

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Boker said: "There is a legislative, social and public need for deterrent punishment, able to contribute to the public's safety and to the principle of the nation defending its civilians so as to eradicate terrorist and hostile armed acts."