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Lack of medicated baby formula puts life of Gaza children at stake

5 years ago
Newborn babies are placed in the incubation department at the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City [Apaimages]

Newborn babies in the incubation in Palestine [Apaimages]

The lives of 107 Palestinian babies being treated in hospitals in the besieged Gaza Strip are at risk as a result of the lack of necessary formula to help them overcome their illnesses, Mujtama magazine reported yesterday.

The children, who are being treated for PKU disease, which can lead to seizures, mental disorders and behavioural issues, are unable to access medical formula needed for their treatment as a result of Israel’s nearly 12-year-long siege on the Strip.

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The patients range in age from one month to three years old, with 22 under the age of one.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza said the milk needed for the 22 children who are under one year old had had completely run out both at the ministry and at private pharmacies.

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