Egypt pledges housing for 'every citizen in need'

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi yesterday pledged to provide a home to any citizen who is in need, local media reported. "Any citizen who applies for a housing unit will obtain it," Al-Sisi said. The government, Al-Sisi pointed out, would offer "subsidised apartments to all citizens who live in dangerous areas and in slums." "We will do our best to provide for your needs during the current crisis," the Egyptian leader added. Results of a survey carried out by the Egyptian National Centre for Criminal and Social Studies in August last year found that 25 per cent of Egyptians suffer from mental illnesses due to the country's high rate of poverty. READ: Egypt cabinet approves bill to keep sexual harassment victims anonymous According to statistics from 2017-2018 … Continue reading Egypt pledges housing for ‘every citizen in need’