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State Department: US arms sales to Turkey and Israel 'not comparable'

US flagDeputy spokesperson of the US State Department Mary Harf refused to compare US arms sales to Israel and Turkey, saying that relations with the two countries are bound by different considerations.


US: Not on the same page as Damascus against ISIS

Marie HarfThe US State Department denied yesterday being on the same page with Damascus in the fight against Islamic State (ISIS) at a time when the US air force launched raids against the radical organisation in Iraq, while the Assad regime continues to wage similar raids in Syria.


Obama: Syrian chemical weapons destroyed

Barack ObamaUS President Barack Obama announced yesterday that Syria's declared chemical weapons on board the US' shop Cape Ray have been destroyed, the Anadolu news agency reported.


Israel, US agreed on 'gradual end of Gaza blockade': Paper

Smoking rising from somewhere in GazaThe Israeli government and U.S. administration had agreed on a gradual end of the years-long blockade on the Gaza Strip as part of efforts to reach a durable ceasefire with Palestinian groups in the coastal enclave, according to an Israeli paper.


US Congressman: Arab Spring spawned extremist forces instead of strengthening democratic values

Darrell IssaThe Arab Spring has resulted, in many cases, in giving rise to extremist forces instead of strengthening democratic values, a US Republican Congressman said yesterday.