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Carter Center praises launch of Tunisia elections

The Carter CenterThe Carter Center election observation mission said Sunday that the voting process of Tunisia's presidential elections has kicked off in a decent, peaceful and professional manner.


American judge: PA should be tried for supporting terrorism

Judge George Daniels (left)"US victims of bombings and shootings in Jerusalem more than a decade ago have cleared a final hurdle to take the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) to trial in New York for supporting the attacks," Reuters reported yesterday.


Washington: Strong possibility of an agreement with Iran

File photo of Iran's existing nuclear power plant in Bushehr. Last week, Russia announced its plans to build two new nuclear reactors in BushehrA senior US official said that there is a strong possibility of reaching an agreement with Iran over its nuclear programme.


Washington asks UAE to clarify reason for classing US groups as 'terrorist'

Washington announced that it has contacted officials in the UAE asking for reasons why two American-Islamic organisations were included in the country's list of terror groups.


US condemns Israeli decision to demolish Palestinian homes

Spokeswoman of the US State Department Jennifer Psaki The US State Department has criticised the Israeli decision to demolish the houses of the Palestinians who carried out attacks against Israelis, reports said.