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  • Prime Minister of Lebanon, Saad Hariri in Beirut, Lebanon on 14 February 2019 [LEBANESE PRIME MINISTRY OFFICE / HANDOUT/Anadolu Agency]

    Lebanon appeals to Germany, Britain, Spain for help with imports

    Lebanon appealed to more friendly states on Saturday to help it import essential goods as it wrestles with an acute economic crisis and hard currency shortages, the office of caretaker Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri said, Reuters reports. Hariri wrote to the leaders of Germany, Britain and Spain on Saturday...
  • Former US Ambassador to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad speaks before Republican US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump speaks about foreign policy at the Mayflower Hotel on 27 April 2016 in Washington, DC. [BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images]

    US restarts peace talks with Afghan Taliban in Qatar

    The Taliban on Saturday resumed formal peace talks with the US in the Qatari capital, Doha, the group confirmed in a statement, Anadolu reports. Suhail Shaheen, the insurgents’ Qatar office spokesman, said on social media that Mualla Baradar Akhund, the group’s deputy head, led the Taliban delegation. “Talks with...
  • Palestinian Authority Security forces raid a Palestinian home in the occupied West Bank [file photo]

    Data: 65,000 troops cost PA $1bn a year

    The Palestinian Authority (PA) has 65,000 troops costing over NIS 3.5 billion ($1 billion) in 2018, Shehab News Agency reported. According to Shehab News Agency, the data revealed that the general revenues of the PA contributed to 74 per cent of the PA budget. These revenues are mainly collected...
  • Syrian children are seen on the mud covered road between tents at a refugee camp, where Syrian refugees live, after heavy rain at winter season in northeastern Idlib, Syria on 2 December 2019. [Muhammed Abdullah - Anadolu Agency]

    25,000 Syrians displaced in regime, Russia raids last week

    Some 25,000 civilians were displaced in northwestern Syria last week after the attacks of regime and Russia on the Idlib de-escalation zone, according to a Syrian NGO on Saturday, Anadolu reports. Mohammad Halaj, director of Syria’s Response Coordination Group, told Anadolu Agency that thousands of civilians were displaced in...
  • Sultan Qaboos of Oman on 15 April 2016

    Qaboos of Oman to undergo medical checks in Belgium

    Oman’s Sultan Qaboos will travel to Belgium on Saturday for unspecified medical checks, his court said, Reuters reports. Western-backed Qaboos, 79, has ruled the Arabian peninsula state since he took over in a bloodless coup with the help of Oman’s former colonial power, Britain, in 1970. He has travelled...
  • Iraqi demonstrators gather at Khilani Square and Sanak Bridge, near Tahrir Square of Baghdad, as anti-government protests continue in Baghdad, Iraq on 17 November, 2019 [Murtadha Sudani/Anadolu Agency]

    Death toll in Baghdad attack rises to 23

    The death toll in an attack by armed men at Baghdad’s main protest site on Friday night rose to 23 on Saturday, police and medical sources said, the deadliest incident to hit the capital in weeks, Reuters reports. More than 127 others were wounded by gunfire and stabbings targeting...
  • President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan (R) shakes hands with the chairman of Presidential Council of Libya, Fayez Al-Sarraj (L) as they pose for a photo at Dolmabahce Office in Istanbul, Turkey on 27 November 2019. [Mustafa Kamacı - Anadolu Agency]

    Greece expels Libyan ambassador over agreements with Turkey

    Greece has given Libya’s ambassador to Athens 72 hours to leave the country, in protest against agreements with Turkey, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias announced on Friday. According to Anadolu Agency, Dendias confirmed that the decision indicated Greece’s dissatisfaction with Libya’s UN-recognised government in Tripoli, and was taken because of...
  • Demonstrators gathering outside the governor's office in support of the Iraq protests in Kirkuk, Iraq on 6 December 2019. [Ali Mukarrem Garip - Anadolu Agency]

    Iraq: No deaths among protesters on Friday

    The Iraqi Ministry of Interior denied reports regarding deaths among protesters on Friday, Anadolu Agency reported. Spokesman of the Ministry of Interior, Khalid Al-Mahna, announced in a statement: “A number of agencies reported fake news stating that the Ministry of Interior had documented deaths and violations during the protests.”...
  • Soldiers stand near a battery of Iron Dome defence missile system, designed to intercept and destroy incoming short-range rockets and artillery shells in the southern Israeli city of Sderot on 13 November 2019. [Mostafa Alkharouf - Anadolu Agency]

    Israeli army tests new rocket propulsion system

    Israeli Defense Forces have tested a new rocket propulsion system, Israeli media reported, noting that the test was conducted from an airbase in Israel. The Israeli Defense Forces did not issue more detail, according to Israeli media. All that has emerged on the topic was that the test had...
  • An aerial view of the Navy's newest guided-missile destroyer Pre-Commissioning Unit (PCU) Forrest Sherman (DDG 98) moored at Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola, on 28 January 2006 at NAS Pensacola. [US Navy - Patrick Nichols]

    Saudi airman in US for training suspected in deadly shooting at Florida naval base

    A Saudi Air Force second lieutenant killed four people and wounded eight others on Friday in an unexplained shooting rampage at a US Navy base in Florida where he was training, US officials told Reuters. Sheriff’s deputies responding to the early-morning incident shot and killed the gunman, who was...
  • Israeli Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz [Twitter]

    Israeli minister calls for Western-Arab alliance against Iran

    Israeli foreign minister, Israel Katz, called on Thursday for a Western-Arab alliance headed by the US against Iran, in order to curb its missile development and “aggression”. This call came following a letter sent by France, Germany and the UK to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, warning that “Iran’s developments...
  • Protesters wave national flags during a demonstration gathering workers, teachers and civil servants against the deterioration in the social and economic conditions of the working class on April 6, 2014 in the Morrocan city of Casablanca. [Photo by FADEL SENNA/AFP/Getty Images]

    Thousands of companies threatened with bankruptcy in Morocco

    Despite efforts made to postpone payment deadlines, the late payment of dues threatens thousands of Moroccan companies with bankruptcy, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed reported on Friday. The reason behind the late payment of dues, which could lead to the liquidation of companies, is the difficulties relating to financing. Credit insurance company,...
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia Adel al-Jubeir in Istanbul, Turkey on 18 May 2018 [Arif Hüdaverdi Yaman/Anadolu Agency]

    Saudi Arabia hints at possible acceptance of Houthi rule in Yemen

    Saudi foreign minister, Adel Al-Jubeir, announced on Friday that all Yemenis including the Houthis, could have a role in the future of the country, news agencies reported. Speaking at the Mediterranean Dialogues conference on the future of the Mediterranean in Rome, Al-Jubeir affirmed that there could be a settlement...
  • Habib Jemli on 4 December 2019 [Anadolu Agency]

    Democratic Current and People’s Movement Parties will not participate in government of Jemli

    The People’s Movement Party and the Democratic Current Party officially announced on Friday that they will not participate and vote for the government of Habib Jemli. Mohammed Abbou, secretary-general of the Democratic Current Party, announced to Arabi 21 “the party will not participate in the government, and this is...
  • The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif in Jakarta, Indonesia on 6 September 2019 [Anton Raharjo/Anadolu Agency]

    Iran’s Zarif says jailed Iranian and Chinese-American will be freed soon

    A Chinese-American detained in Iran in 2016 and later charged for spying will soon be united with his family while an imprisoned Iranian will be released by Washington in return, Iran’s foreign minister said on Saturday, Reuters reports. “Glad that Professor Massoud Soleimani and Mr. Xiyue Wang will be...
  • Iraqi demonstrators carry flags and an image of Shiite cleric Ayatollah Ali Husaini al-Sistani, during ongoing anti-government protests in the southern city of Basra on 1 November 2019. [HUSSEIN FALEH/AFP - Getty Images]

    Sistani warns of ‘lurking parties’ and external intervention in government formation

    Iraq’s top Shia cleric, Ali Al-Sistani, called on Friday for the formation of a new government away from external intervention. This came in a statement read by his representative, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Al-Karbalai, during Friday’s prayer sermon in the southern city of Karbala, quoted by Anadolu Agency. “We hope...
  • Leader of Iraq’s Sadrist Movement, Muqtada Al-Sadr [Twitter]

    Drone targets Shia cleric’s home in Iraq

    A drone has reportedly targeted the home of Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr in the southern Iraqi city of Najaf, a leader of his movement said Saturday, Anadolu reports. In a statement, Saleh Muhammad al-Iraqi, who is close to the Shia cleric, said the attack came “in response to orders...
  • A US Airforce RQ-4A Global Hawk surveillance drone, is seen here on the flightline at Edwards Air Force on December 19, 2016 in California, US [US Air Force photo]

    US says drone shot down by Russian air defenses near Libyan capital

    The US military believes that an unarmed American drone reported lost near Libya’s capital last month was in fact shot down by Russian air defenses and it is demanding the return of the aircraft’s wreckage, US Africa Command says, Reuters reports. Such a shootdown would underscore Moscow’s increasingly muscular...
  • Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah, West Bank on 11 November 2019 [Issam Rimawi/Anadolu Agency]

    Abbas opposed to opening of US field hospital in Gaza

    The Palestinian president said Friday he would not allow a US field hospital to open in the Gaza Strip, Anadolu reports. “Such steps show that Deal of Century is being realized section by section,” Mahmud Abbas said at a meeting of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in Ramallah. The...
  • Nader Mohamed, 20, threw himself from the top of Cairo Tower [Facebook]

    Mostafa Bakry on student’s suicide at Cairo Tower: ‘Muslim Brotherhood’s alternative plan to explosive belt’

    Member of the Egyptian House of Representatives and journalist, Mostafa Bakry, claimed in a statement that the engineering student of Helwan University, Nader Mohammad, who recently threw himself off the top of Cairo Tower, belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood and committed suicide to “fuel the protests” against the ruling...
  • Thumbnail: Libyan officials cite evidence of Russian mercenaries supporting Haftar
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    Libyan officials cite evidence of Russian mercenaries supporting Haftar

    READ: Libya’s Haftar hopes to have normal relations with Israel ...
  • President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan (R) meets US President Donald Trump during the NATO Leaders' Summit in London UK on 4 December 2019 [Turkish Presidency/Anadolu Agency]

    Turkey says it did not fully approve NATO’s Baltic defence plan

    Turkey will block final publication of a NATO defence plan for the Baltics and Poland until allies agree to designate the Syrian Kurdish YPG a terrorist group, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Friday, Reuters reports. Two days after a NATO summit at which alliance chief Jens Stoltenberg announced that Turkey...
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    Iraq’s top Shia cleric warns against outside influence

    Prominent Shia cleric Ali al-Sistani on Friday urged the formation of a new government away from outside interventions, Anadolu Agency reports. In a statement read by his representative Abdul-Mahdi al-Karbalai during Friday sermon in Karbala province, the cleric said: “We hope that the selection of the new prime minister and his members come...
  • US Congress on Capitol Hill, Washington DC Date, on 4 December 2008 [Wikipedia]

    Washington blacklists Iran-backed Iraqi militia leaders over protests

    The United States on Friday blacklisted three Iran-backed Iraqi paramilitary leaders over their alleged role in killings of anti-government protesters in Iraq, the US Treasury Department said, Reuters reports. They are the latest US sanctions to target Iraqi individuals or armed groups with close links to Tehran as Washington ramps...
  • The Pentagon, USA [File photo]

    Pentagon: 14K Mideast troop deployment ‘flat out wrong’

    The US is not considering the deployment of additional troops to the Middle East, Pentagon chief confirmed on Friday, Anadolu Agency reports. “As the Department has stated repeatedly, we were never discussing or considering sending 14,000 additional troops to the Middle East,” Defense Secretary Mark Esper said in a statement. “Reports of...
  • Irregular migrants, who were not allowed to cross the Croatian border and living in the camp 'Vucjak' near Bihac, reject foods, distributed by charities, as a reaction, in Bihac in Bosnia and Herzegovina on 5 December 2019. [Mustafa Öztürk - Anadolu Agency]

    EU Council: Bosnia’s migrant camps conditions alarming

    The Council of Europe commissioner for human rights said Friday that conditions in migrant camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina are “embarrassing”, Anadolu Agency reports. Dunja Mijatovic visited migrant camps in different cities across the country and met with authorities and aid agencies to discuss possible solutions. Speaking at a news conference in...
  • Palestinians gather at the separation fence for the Great March of Return on Friday 6 December 2019 [Mohammed Asad/Middle East Monitor}
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    After 3-week pause, Gaza Return Marches resume

    The Higher Commission of the Great March of Return and Breaking of the Siege of Gaza warned Israel on Friday against targeting the marches, scheduled to resume on Friday after a three-week halt, Anadolu Agency reports. The commission which was formed by Palestinian factions in Gaza said in a statement that...
  • Crowds march through central London to demand a People's Vote on the Governments new Brexit deal on 19 October 2019 in London, UK [Tayfun Salcı/Anadolu Agency]

    Whilst Brexit dominates the election campaign, Syria moves into the shadows

    General elections are intriguing times in British politics. Parties make headlines with spending commitments, their leaders are constantly on the airwaves hammering home their message and the public are treated to a never ending array of sound bites about various policies. “Get Brexit done” and “For the many not...
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    Report: Israel group spreading fake news about US Congresswomen Tlaib, Omar 

    US Democratic Representatives Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar have been subjected to far-right, Islamophobic fake news that is being composed and spread on Facebook by an Israeli group, reported the Guardian.  The investigation revealed how 21 far-right Facebook pages were used to disseminate the hate-fuelled disinformation to more than...
  • A candle light vigil to remember journalist Jamal Khashoggi outside the Saudi Arabia consulate on 25 October 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey [Chris McGrath/Getty Images]

    US refuses to train Saudi intelligence following Khashoggi murder

    The US State Department has recently rejected a proposal to train the Saudi intelligence services due to concerns over the kingdom’s lack of judicial accountability and security restraints. The proposal made by the US global service provider and aviation company DynCorp International was refused as the kingdom does not...
  • A new born baby in hospital in South Carolina, US [Sloan Poe/Flickr]

    Muhammad makes top 10 list of baby names in US for first time 

    Considered the most popular boys’ name in the world, Muhammad has now made the list of top ten baby names for boys in the US for the first time. According to the parenting website BabyCenter’s annual list, Muhammad along with the girls name Aaliyah (Arabic for “exalted”) have replaced...
  • Relatives speak with Egyptian prisoners as they stand behind bars in a court in Cairo on 9 August 2015 [Stringer/Apaimages]

    Egypt human rights council praises prison days after inmate dies 

    A delegation for the government-run National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) has carried out a PR visit to Minya Prison just days after a political detainee died of medical negligence. Ibrahim Hosni Bassiouni died last Friday yet prison authorities left his body in the cell until Saturday morning. Witnesses...
  • A protest against increasingly difficult living conditions in Beirut, Lebanon on 29 September 2019 [Hussam Chbaro/Anadolu Agency]

    A forbidden Lebanese revolution 

    A financial, economic and currency collapse in Lebanon could be a heavy recipe for a crisis, easily escalating to a public rebellion that could either lead to a revolution of change or a surrender to crisis postponement settlements; leaving the country at risks of harsh economic and political concessions,...
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    Palestinians launch anti-Judaisation drive at Hebron’s Ibrahimi Mosque

    READ: Palestinians in Hebron repeatedly attacked by Israel settlers, soldiers...
  • Thumbnail - Jordan startup purifies the dry cleaning industry
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    Jordan startup purifies the dry cleaning industry

    READ: Jordanian military training reflects rising tensions with Israel...
  • Moroccan YouTuber sparks outrage with 'racist' prank
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    Moroccan YouTuber sparks outrage with ‘racist’ prank

    READ: UK prince made ‘unbelievable’ racist comments against Arabs...
  • Workers work on an oil pipeline in the Tawke oild field, Iraq [file photo]

    Iraq’s Kurdish region hands oil to Baghdad for first time

    Iraqi’s Kurdistan Regional Government is transferring 250,000 barrels of oil per day to the federal government in Baghdad, the minister of finance said yesterday. Awat Sheikh Janab said this comes as part of a deal between Erbil and Baghdad which would see the KRG receive its share from the...
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    Israel arrests Palestine TV crews in Jerusalem

    Israeli soldiers arrested a Palestine TV crew in Jerusalem this morning after confiscating their cameras and broadcast equipment. A producer with Palestine TV Nader Bibars reported that Israeli intelligence officers broke into the film set during the broadcast of “Good Morning Jerusalem” on the Mount of Olives in occupied...
  • Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud speaks during the 14th Islamic Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia on June 1, 2019 [BANDAR ALGALOUD / SAUDI KINGDOM COUNCIL / HANDOUT - Anadolu Agency]

    Saudi Arabia to grant citizenship to highly qualified expats

    Saudi King Salman Bin Abdulaziz has issued a royal decree to grant citizenship to distinguished professionals in scientific, legal and cultural fields, local media reported. The move aims to attract distinguished and creative professionals from around the world to live in the kingdom and contribute to promoting development there....
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    Gaza exports strawberries to UAE, Bahrain for the first time

    Ministry of Agriculture in Gaza Strip has announced that a quantity of strawberries was exported to Gulf countries as a test sample. Ministry Director, Adham Al-Bassiouni, said in a press statement that three tonnes of strawberries were exported on Wednesday as a sample to the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain....
  • Image of wedding rings [file photo]

    Egypt man sets fire to himself after wife leaves him

    An Egyptian man has set himself on fire in his wife’s family home in Giza Governorate after failing to persuade her to return to their marital home. According to Muraselon he poured petrol over himself and then self-immolated, killing himself instantly. The suicide comes just days after a 20-year-old...
  • Former heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua, [REUTERS]

    Boxing: Anthony Joshua ‘just doing a job’ following claims of ‘sportswashing’ Saudi abuses

    Former heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua said he would “definitely be bothered” if his world title rematch against Andy Ruiz Jr was being used to “sportswash” Saudi Arabia’s dismal human rights record. The previously undefeated British fighter is hoping to reclaim three of the Heavyweight world titles tomorrow, which...
  • Image of Shia Iraqi militias on 19 November 2016 [ZamanAlwslEng‏/Twitter]

    Fears of clashes as Iraq Shia militia supporters hold protests

    Hundreds of pro-Iran militia supporters organised a protest in the Iraqi capital Baghdad near Tahrir Square, the stronghold of anti-establishment protesters, raising fears of clashes between the two sides, Anadolu Agency reported. According to the news site, the participants raised the flags of the pro-Iran Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF)...
  • Qatar, Sudan hold joint military drill on 5 December 2019 [Twitter]

    Qatar, Sudan hold joint military drill

    Qatar and Sudan have held a joint military drill in the Red Sea province to the east of Sudan, the Qatari Defence Ministry announced in a statement. The head of Qatar’s Colleges and Institutions Authority, Rashid Nasser, and the Sudanese Governor of the Red Sea state Governor Major General Hafiz El...
  • Anti-China protest outside White House [Flickr]

    Syria defends China’s Uyghur policy after US condemnation

    The Syrian regime has defended China after the US Congress condemned the People’s Republic for its human rights violations and abuse of the Uyghur Muslims. Syria’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement yesterday defending China following the US condemnation, stating that it is a “blatant interference by the US in...
  • Archbishop of Jerusalem’s Greek Orthodox Church, Atallah Hanna [centre], seen during a protest in the West bank city of Hebron on 22 January 2015 [Muhesen Amren / ApaImages]
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    Hanna: Christians must defend Palestine

    The Palestinian Archbishop of Jerusalem’s Greek Orthodox Church, Atallah Hanna, has spoken out against the Israeli occupation and stressed his support for the Palestinian people and cause, urging Christians around the world to do the same. Speaking exclusively to MEMO at the “First Global Conference on Israeli Apartheid”, which took...
  • Egyptian film producer and real-estate investor Mohamed Ali [Facebook]

    Mohamed Ali, the man from Egypt’s operations room

    Mohamed Ali, 45 years old, is an amateur actor whose company was involved in the Egyptian army’s contracting investments for 15 years until a dispute arouse over a few million dollars. This resulted in him flying to Spain, taking with him what was left of his wealth, to expose...
  • Israeli soldiers walk near an Israeli Irone Dome defence system (L) on 25 February, 2016 [AFP/Gil Cohen-Magen/Getty]

    Israel, Czech Republic sign $125m missile defence deal

    The Israeli government yesterday signed a deal with the Czech Republic to sell radar systems used in the Iron Dome missile defence system. The deal, inked by the two country’s respective defence ministries, is worth an estimated $125 million, reported AFP, with delivery set for 2021-2023. According to the...
  • US Congress on Capitol Hill, Washington DC Date, on 4 December 2008 [Wikipedia]

    US Congress advances resolution endorsing two-states for Israelis and Palestinians

    The United States Congress advanced a new resolution supporting a two-state solution for Israelis and Palestinians, which can be brought to the floor for a vote. According to a report in the Hill, lawmakers “adopted two amendments meant to satisfy Republican and Democratic demands to achieve bipartisan consensus”. Ultimately,...
  • A man casts his vote during the Israeli general elections in Tel Aviv on 9 April 2019 [Faiz Abu Rmeleh/Anadolu Agency]

    Israel’s elections committee unprepared for third vote, warns director

    The director of Israel’s Central Elections Committee yesterday warned that it is unprepared for a likely third vote in less than a year, reported the Times of Israel. “We don’t have staff, offices, equipment. The storerooms are empty. This is the current situation,” Orly Adas said during a press...
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