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  • General Guide of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Mohammed Badie at a court case in Egypt on 26 February 2017 [Moustafa El Shemy/Anadolu Agency]

    Egypt upholds life term for Muslim Brotherhood guide

    An Egyptian appeals court yesterday upheld a 25-year life sentence for Mohammed Badie, the leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. The court in the capital Cairo rejected appeals by Badie and other leaders of the group in the case known as “the incidents of Guidance office,” reported...
  • Women, reportedly wives and members of Daesh, in a refugee camp in Syria on 17 February 2019 [BULENT KILIC/AFP/Images]

    UN: 700 people died recently in Syria camps holding Daesh families

    The United Nations has revealed that 700 people have recently died in two camps in north-east Syria, in which around 70,000 family members of Daesh fighters are currently being detained. The UN’s counter-terrorism chief  Vladimir Vorontsov informed a news conference yesterday that the residents of the Al-Hawl and Roj...
  • Protesters set up tents on transit point of petroleum companies during a protest demanding to meet the conditions of the agreement signed as a result of the actions organised in 2017, in Kamur region of Tataouine, Tunisia on 10 July 2020 [Nacer Talel/Anadolu Agency]

    Tunisia: Government is committed to providing jobs in southern province

    An adviser to the Prime Minister of Tunisia has said that the government is committed to providing job opportunities in the southern province of Tataouine, Anadolu has reported. The province has seen a lot of social tension recently following accusations that the government has not fulfilled its pledges made...
  • Sarah Al-Jabri, the daughter of Saad Al-Jabri, a former top Saudi intelligence official who is living in exile in Canada

    US senators press Trump to help free detained children of Saudi intelligence official

    Four US senators signed a letter to urge President Donald Trump to help free the detained children of a former top Saudi intelligence official who is living in exile in Canada, Bloomberg reports. According to the family of Saad Al-Jabri, his children Omar and Sarah, aged 22 and 20, were detained in Saudi...
  • Egyptian women protesters against sexual harassment in Cairo, Egypt on 12 February 2013 [Ed Giles/Getty Images]

    Egypt cabinet approves bill to keep sexual harassment victims anonymous

    Egypt’s cabinet has approved a bill which will keep the identities of women filing complaints of sexual assault a secret. However, identities could be revealed to courts and defendants on request. The bill follows the the widely shared news of serial rapist Ahmed Bassam Zaki, who was accused by some...
  • Tunisian Prime Minister Elyes Fakhfakh speaks during a parliament session with his ministers on 25 June, 2020 in Tunis [FETHI BELAID/AFP via Getty Images]

    Ennahda official advises Tunisia’s PM to resign

    The head of the Shura Council of Tunisia’s Ennahda Party has advised Prime Minister Elyas Al-Fakhfakh to resign. Abdul Karim Al-Harouni gave his advice on local radio station Express FM on Thursday. Al-Harouni pointed out that Ennahda had tried to persuade Al-Fakhfakh to develop the government but the Prime...
  • Human trafficking [File photo]

    Kuwait may charge Bangladesh envoy in human trafficking case

    Details of human trafficking in Kuwait which saw the arrest of an MP from Bangladesh suggests that the scandal is not simply a case of one single rogue lawmaker. It now seems that Dhaka’s very own ambassador to the Gulf state is embroiled in criminal activity normally associated with...
  • Total of 150 military vehicles of Turkish Armed Forces' pass through Reyhanli district of Turkey's Hatay as they are being deployed to Syria border as reinforcements, including howitzers, tanks, ammunition, armored construction machines and other military vehicles on 17 February 2020. [Burak Milli - Anadolu Agency]

    Ex-Egypt diplomat says Turkey trying to 'encircle Egypt'

    A former Egyptian diplomat said that Turkey wants to move its battles from the border of Syria to Libya so as to “encircle Egypt”, Libya’s neighbour to the east. Mostafa El Feki added, in statements that were quoted in the state-run newspaper Akhbar Al-Youm, that the region’s issues are getting...
  • Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov makes a speech during the 56th Munich Security Conference at Bayerischer Hof Hotel in Munich, Germany on February 15, 2020. [Abdulhamid Hoşbaş/Anadolu Agency]

    Russia FM: Libya warlord Haftar is ready to sign ceasefire agreement

    The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Wednesday that Libya’s renegade General Khalifa Haftar was ready to sign a ceasefire agreement, however the internationally- recognised Government of National Accord (GNA) is hesitant to do so, Interfax news agency reported. Lavrov added that he hopes that Turkey will be able to...
  • United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres speaks at the 74th session of UN General Assembly at UN Headquarters in New York, United States on 24 September, 2019 [Erçin Top/Anadolu Agency]

    Guterres expresses ‘alarm’ at military build-up around Libya’s Sirte

    UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has told the Security Council of his alarm at the military build-up around Sirte in Libya. The conflict in the North African country has entered “a new phase with the foreign intervention reaching unprecedented levels, including the delivery of advanced equipment and mercenaries involved in...
  • Syrian children are seen on a pick up truck with their family as they return to their homes in Idlib, Syria {Halil Fidan/Anadolu Agency]

    Woman throws children from rooftops in Syria’s Afrin

    An unknown woman in the northern Syrian city of Afrin, near Aleppo, has been found to be throwing children from the rooftops of buildings in the city, local sources said. The sources said the last victim was a small boy named Imad Mahmoud Okasha whose family was displaced from...
  • A worker walks at the site where a new electricity plant will be built in Jalamah, near the West Bank town of Jenin, following the signing of a new contract on July 10, 2017. [JAAFAR ASHTIYEH/AFP via Getty Images]

    Israel threatens to cut electricity supply to Palestinian towns

    Israel has threatened to cut the electricity supply to several Palestinian towns in the occupied West Bank to “blackmail” the Palestinian leadership after the latter’s decision to severe coordination with the Israeli authorities over Tel Aviv’s plan to annex large parts of the occupied territories, Palestinian Minister of Local...
  • A Syrian boy walks through the mud down an alley at a refugee camp in Lebanon, 10 July 2020 [JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images]

    Lebanon: 7 arrested over rape, abuse of Syria boy

    Seven men have been arrested in Lebanon over the rape and abuse of a 13-year-old Syrian boy that took place over a two-year period, IranWire reports. The eighth suspect in the case is still being sought by security officials. The case came to light at the end of June after a video,...
  • German police in Berlin, Germany on 1 May 2020 [Abdulhamid Hoşbaş/Anadolu Agency]

    German federal press office employee charged with spying for Egypt government

    German authorities have charged a federal press office employee with espionage after he was caught spying for the Egyptian intelligence service. According to a report presented by Germany’s Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, police took “executive measures” against the man in December 2019 after he “worked for years for an...
  • An explosion took place in Tehran, Iran on 9 July 2020 [Twitter]

    Iran witnesses another mysterious explosion in capital Tehran

    Another explosion has occurred in Iran’s capital Tehran according to the official IRIB news agency, in what is the latest in a string of similar incidents over the past few weeks. The report, based on witness accounts, said some parts of the city experienced power-outages as a result of the blast,...
  • A fighter loyal to Yemen's separatist Southern Transitional Council (STC) holds the separatist flag in the southern Abyan province on 15 May 2020 [NABIL HASAN/AFP/Getty Images]

    Yemen: Separatists ‘take advantage’ of negotiations to impose control in the south

    An adviser to Yemen’s Minister of Information said on Thursday that the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) is taking advantage of negotiations in Riyadh to gain time for it to take control of the rest of the southern governorates. Mukhtar Al-Rahbi added that this is being done with the...
  • Protesters hold a banner reading 'Stop war in Libya, Haftar and mercenaries' during a protest in Berlin on 19 January 2020 [JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP/Getty Images]

    Libya does not accept UAE interference in political dialogues, says UN delegate

    Libya’s delegate to the UN, Taher Al-Sunni, has said that his country no longer accepts the UAE’s presence in its political dialogues. Al-Sunni made his comment during his speech at the UN Security Council session on Libya in New York on Wednesday. “The UAE is involved with absolute certainty...
  • Image of senior Fatah official Jibril Rajoub [Shadi Hatem/Apaimages]

    Fatah leader: Israel annexation plan a ‘declaration of war’

    Secretary-General of the Palestinian Fatah movement’s Central Committee, Jibril Al-Rajoub, described Israel’s annexation plan as “a declaration of war” that would change all rules of engagement. Speaking to Al-Mayadeen news channel, Al-Rajoub said Fatah and Hamas have abandoned the division and are heading towards confronting the ‘deal of the century’ and...
  • Algerian Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia in Paris, France, on 10 November 2018 [Ian Langsdon/AFP/Getty Images]

    Algeria: ex-Prime Minister faces prison but ‘does not regret his decisions’

    Former Algerian Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia has said that he does not regret the decisions that he made when in office, and that he would do the same again if necessary. At all times, he insisted, he respected the law when making his decisions. Ouyahia made his comment during...
  • A general view of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey on 2 July 2020 [Onur Çoban/Anadolu Agency]

    Hagia Sophia will become a mosque again, it is both Turkey’s and an Islamic right

    Turkey’s top administrative court, the Council of State is likely to announce today the restoration of the Hagia Sophia from a museum to a mosque reversing an 86-year-old decree by the Council of Ministers under the presidency of the republic’s secularist founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Once the largest and...
  • A tourist photographs a sign painted on a wall in the West Bank biblical town of Bethlehem on June 5, 2015, calling to boycott Israeli products coming from Jewish settlements [THOMAS COEX/AFP/Getty Images]

    Chile Senate approves resolution to adopt law boycotting settlement goods

    The Chilean Senate last week approved a resolution calling on President Sebastian Pinera Echenique to adopt a law boycotting settlement goods and banning commercial activity with companies that operate in the occupied Palestinian territories. The motion passed on 30 June with 29 votes in favour and six abstentions, no votes were...
  • Syrian government soldiers sit atop a tank in Syria on 1 February 2020 [AFP/Getty Images]

    Rifts in Syria army continue to deepen, say sources

    Dozens of elements within the pro-regime National Defence Forces (NDF) have withdrawn from the Syrian army and joined Iranian militias “seeking higher salaries”, official sources reported yesterday. “More than 70 members of the NDF have joined the Sheikh Akram militia, affiliated to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, in Syria’s Al-Bukamal...
  • A fighter loyal to Yemen's separatist Southern Transitional Council (STC) holds the separatist flag in the southern Abyan province on 18 May, 2020 [NABIL HASAN/AFP via Getty Images]

    UAE-backed forces accuse Yemen government of 'ignorance'

    UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) in Yemen’s province of Hadhramaut yesterday warned the Yemeni government against “marginalising us in any consultations over a solution to the situation in Yemen.” In an official statement, the STC stressed on its “support for Yemen’s legitimate government led by President Abd Rabbuh Mansur...
  • A picture shows silos at the Zueitina oil terminal on 14 September 2016. [ABDULLAH DOMA/AFP/Getty Images]

    Why is it wrong to share Libyan oil revenue now?

    Foreign countries are now openly fighting their proxy war on Libyan soil and deciding on war, peace, and even when the country can resume its oil exports. In an unusual statement, Mustafa Sanalla, chairman of Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) revealed that negotiations were underway to lift the oil...
  • Palestinians protest after a Palestinian prisoner died of 'medical negligence' in an Israeli prison, 8 July 2020 [Mohammed Asad/Middle East Monitor]

    Another Palestinian political prisoner dies in Israeli prison due to deliberate medical negligence

    Yet another Palestinian political prisoner has died in an Israeli prison due to the medical negligence of the Israeli prison administration. 75-year-old Saadi Al-Gharably was the latest victim in a series of similar cases, bringing the total number of victims to 233 since 1967. The Waed Society for Palestinian...
  • Former Prime Minister of Kuwait, Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah on 14 September 2017 [Ali Balıkçı/Anadolu Agency]

    Kuwait issues arrest warrant for ex-premier's son

    Kuwaiti prosecutors on Thursday issued an arrest warrant for the son of a former prime minister and his partner amid a corruption probe of the so-called “Malaysian Sovereign Fund” case, Anadolu Agency reports. Informed sources told Anadolu Agency that the investigation began on Thursday morning following the arrest of Sheikh Sabah Jaber al-Mubarak...
  • An affected child and a man receive a medical treatment after Assad regime forces conduct allegedly poisonous gas attack on Sakba and Hammuriye districts of Eastern Ghouta, in Damascus, Syria on 7 March, 2018 [Dia Al Din Samout/Anadolu Agency]

    Syria condemned by chemical weapons body for use of sarin, chlorine

    The executive branch of the world’s chemical weapons watchdog on Thursday condemned the use of banned sarin and chlorine bombs by Syria’s air force, but stopped short of taking direct action to penalise Damascus, Reuters reports. It followed a report in April by Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons investigators,...
  • Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (R) and China's President Xi Jinping attend a welcoming ceremony at the Xijiao State Guesthouse in Shanghai on May 22, 2014 [Kenzaburo Fukuhara/AFP via Getty Images]

    Tehran defends 25-year cooperation pact with China

    A proposed 25-year cooperation deal between Iran and China has raised controversy within and outside Iran, even before the potential pact is finalized, Anadolu Agency reports. While critics of the Hassan Rouhani-led government describing the move as a “secretive” agreement, Rouhani and his cabinet colleagues have strongly come out in its defense....
  • The national and Islamic forces and factions in Gaza, including Hamas and Fatah, reach an agreement on a unified national plan of action to confront the US' 'deal of the century' and Israel's annexation plans on June 28, 2020 [Mohammad Asad / Middle East Monitor]

    Israel fears meetings between senior Fatah and Hamas representatives

    Recent meetings between representatives of Fatah and Hamas have had major coverage in the Israeli media. They are a source of great concern in case they provide Hamas with political and security cover in the occupied West Bank enabling it to resume resistance operations against Israel if the Palestinian...
  • A hospital for coronavirus (COVID-19) patients, in Tehran, Iran on 30 March 2020 [Fatemeh Bahrami/Anadolu Agency]

    Coronavirus infections rise above 250,000 in Iran

    Iran’s total number of coronavirus cases has reached 250,458 and a record 221 people died of the disease over the past 24 hours, raising the overall death toll to 12,305, the Health Ministry said on Thursday, Reuters reports. Iran, the Middle East country hardest hit by the pandemic, has suffered a new spike in...
  • Jordan’s Princess Raiyah Bint Al-Hussein and Ned Donovan, the grandson of British author Roald Dahl on their wedding day in England, 7 July 2020 [Raiyah bint Al-Hussein/Twitter]

    Jordan princess marries grandson of popular children’s author Roald Dahl

    Jordan’s Princess Raiyah Bint Al-Hussein married to Ned Donovan, the grandson of British author Roald Dahl in an intimate, socially-distanced ceremony in England this week. The bride, 34, posted pictures from the ceremony on her Twitter account on Tuesday, and thanked well-wishers for their thoughtful messages. She also noted...
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    Top Israel health official resigns, warns country is ‘in a dangerous place’

    Israel is “in a dangerous place”, warned the country’s top public health official in a resignation letter protesting the government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Professor Siegal Sadetzki accused the current heads of the Ministry of Health of losing direction and ignoring professional advice, in a lengthy Facebook post...
  • Iranian military fighter jet s, 26 January 2019 [Foad/Ashtari/Wikipedia]

    Iran to strengthen Syria’s air defences as part of new military deal

    Iran and Syria have signed a new military cooperation agreement aimed at boosting existing ties between the two allies. Part of the deal signed yesterday by the Chief of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces, Major General Mohammad Bagheri, and Syrian Defence Minister, Ali Abdullah Ayyoub, will improve Syria’s air...
  • A model walks the runway at the Souraya x Vogue Arabia Dinner & Runway Show Paris Fashion Week Event on September 25, 2019 in Paris, France [Kristy Sparow/Getty Images for Souraya Chalhoub]
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    Saudi Arabia allows raunchy Vogue Arabia photoshoot in Madina province

    Saudi Arabia has stoked controversy after it was revealed that it gave permission for Vogue Arabia to conduct a raunchy photoshoot of international supermodels within the historical site of Al-Ula in the province of Madina. Vogue Arabia, the Arab edition of the renowned US-based fashion magazine, released its 24-hour campaign photoshoot...
  • Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon in New York, US on 24 July 2018 [EuropaNewswire/Gado/Getty Images]

    Danon has exposed the fact that the UN has abandoned Palestine and the Palestinians

    Israel’s outgoing Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, is not leaving the arena without his usual, unfounded claim that the international community is subservient to the Palestinian narrative. In a recent item in the Jerusalem Post, Danon cautioned against calling Israel’s plan to formalise its land theft “annexation”. To...
  • Palestinians attend the national products exhibition calling people to boycott Israeli goods in Gaza city on 3 December 2018. [Ashraf Amra/Middle East Monitor]

    UK urged to include Israel in its new sanctions system

    UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab was accused of turning a blind eye to Israeli human rights abuse during a House of Commons discussion over the new Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime announced earlier this week. Since leaving the European Union, Britain has been free to develop its own sanctions regime,...
  • A plane carrying Turkish citizens from Qatar arrives at Adnan Menderes Airport in Izmir, Turkey on 26 April 2020 [Mahmut Serdar Alakuş/Anadolu Agency]

    First travel corridor between Qatar and Turkey established

    Qatar’s Embassy in Ankara announced the establishment of a travel corridor from Turkey to Doha. According to the announcement, four coronavirus testing centres have been approved in Turkey to allow Qatari nationals to avoid the two-week quarantine upon arrival in qatar. سفارة قطر في تركيا @QatarEmb_Ankara تعلن استثناء المواطنين...
  • Khalil Tafakji, head of the maps department at the Arab Studies Society in Jerusalem, 2 March 2020 [Twitter]

    Israel arrests Palestinian expert on settlements in Jerusalem

    Israel yesterday arrested Khalil Tafakji, head of the maps department at the Arab Studies Society in Jerusalem, Anadolu reported. A source in the Tafakji family told the news agency that large numbers of occupation police and intelligence services stormed the department and tampered with its possessions. The source said after extensive...
  • Kuwaiti healthy ministry workers prepare to scan expatriates living in Kuwait who returned from Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, as they arrive to a specified place to be tested for coronavirus in Kuwait City on March 12, 2020 [YASSER AL-ZAYYAT/AFP via Getty Images]

    Reports: Kuwaitis refuse expat jobs over low salaries

    Reports have revealed that many Kuwaitis refuse to accept jobs which have previously been completed by expatriate workers because the salaries are too low. Kuwait’s Al-Anbaa newspaper said it had obtained data indicating that nine government agencies affiliated with the Ministry of Finance currently have 563 job vacancies while they employed...
  • Locusts in Dhamar, Yemen on 7 June 2020 [Mohammed Hamoud/Anadolu Agency]

    World Bank pledges $50m to tackle COVID-19, locusts in Yemen

    The World Bank will finance a project worth $26.9 million to confront the repercussions of COVID-19 in Yemen, the country’s Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Dr. Najib Al-Ouj, revealed yesterday. The programme will be implemented by the Yemeni Ministry of Health in cooperation with the World Health Organisation, Asharq...
  • Southern Transitional Council (STC) expands in Socotra [Al-Sharq]

    Yemen: Calls for UN to help release civilians held in Houthi, STC prisons

    The Yemeni Abductees Mothers Association has called on the United Nations Security Council, the UN Secretary-General, and the UN envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths to intervene and help secure the release of persons kidnapped and forcibly disappeared by the Houthis and the UAE- backed Southern Transitional Council (STC). “Our...
  • Palestinian-American supermodel Bella Hadid
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    Instagram apologises for deleting Bella Hadid’s post celebrating Palestinian identity

    Instagram has apologised to supermodel Bella Hadid following her public criticism of the social media platform for deleting a post she shared showing her father’s place of birth as Palestine. After the Palestinian-American supermodel posted an image of real estate mogul Mohammed Hadid’s long-expired passport, with the passport number blurred out, Instagram sent...
  • Mother of a Srebrenica victim Fazila Efendic visits graves of her husband and son who lost their lives in the genocide, which started on July 11, 1995 when soldiers under the command of Serbian commander Ratko Mladic took over the city of Srebrenica, at Potocari Memorial Cemetery in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina on February 15, 2020. [Samır Jordamovıc - Anadolu Agency]

    Memories of Srebrenica are being reawakened in Syria

    “After Srebrenica, you said never again…Shame on you World!” These were the words written on the posters of demonstrators who gathered in Sarajevo in 2016 to condemn the Assad regime’s siege of Syria’s Aleppo. This month marks the anniversary of the UN’s failure to protect its so-called “safe zone” in...
  • Lebanese businessman Kassim Tajideen, 7 December 2018 [Twitter]
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    Financier detained in US returns to Lebanon

    A Lebanese businessman who was serving a five-year prison sentence in the US after being accused of financing Hezbollah returned to Beirut yesterday after an early release. Kassim Tajideen was sentenced last year in a federal court in Washington in connection with a money laundering conspiracy aimed at evading...
  • money-laundering-cash-hanging

    Bahrain convicts 5 officials, 4 banks in money laundering case

    Bahrain’s High Criminal Court has convicted five officials in one Bahraini bank and three Iranian banks in a major money laundering case. The court sentenced officials at Bahrain’s Future Bank to five years in prison and fined them a million Bahraini dinars ($2.65 million) each. The same fine was...
  • Greek (C) and Cypriot (R) national flags wave at military trucks in Nicosia on 1 October 2019 [IAKOVOS HATZISTAVROU/AFP/Getty Images]

    Turkey: US plan to train Greek Cyprus militarily do not promote stability

    Turkey yesterday criticised the US for including Greek Cyprus in its International Military Education and Training Program, Anadolu reported. According to a statement published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey reminded its ally, the US, that equal treatment of both sides on the Cyprus Island is a basic UN principle. “Initiatives...
  • Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow, Russia on 30 December 2019 [Sefa Karacan/Anadolu Agency]

    Lavrov: Russia offered technical assistance on Renaissance Dam to Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said yesterday that Moscow has offered to provide technical assistance to Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia regarding the Grand Renaissance Dam. “The United States also offered its services to them. Several meetings took place in the United States, and we welcomed the progress that has...
  • People gather to stage a protest against the killing of Iranian Revolutionary Guards' Quds Force commander Qasem Soleimani by a US air strike in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, 3 January 2020 [Fatemeh Bahrami/Anadolu Agency]

    Pentagon responds to UN report on Soleimani’s 'unlawful' assassination

    Iran Quds Force chief, Qassem Soleimani, Soleimani was “planning for terrorist attacks against American interests and other countries before he was targeted” in US forces in Iraq, the Pentagon said yesterday. The comments came in response to a report issued by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary...
  • A Syrian man carries humanitarian aid, in Idlib, Syria on 23 June 2017 [İsmihan Özgüven/Anadolu Agency]

    UN Security Council rejects Russian bid to block aid for Syria

    The UN Security Council yesterday voted down a Russian resolution that sought to halve the amount of humanitarian aid delivered to internally displaced persons in Syria’s north-west province of Idlib. The bid was only supported by China, Vietnam and South Africa. It was intended to extend the cross-border aid...
  • Palestinians in Gaza came together to demonstrate against Israel's planned annexation of the West Bank [Mohammed Asad/Middle East Monitor]

    Opposition to Israel’s annexation plans must be followed by an end to its favoured status

    The Israeli occupation authorities’ plan to annex most of the West Bank is but another form of the oppression that the Palestinians have been suffering for decades. It is reminiscent of the way that international law is used and abused, and ignored by Israel on a daily basis, to...