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Liberal Democrats friends of Palestine issue new position paper on Palestine

Liberal Democrats Friends of PalestineOn the occasion of their party Spring Conference taking place this weekend, the Liberal Democratic Friends of Palestine (LDFP) have isued a new position paper on Palestine. MEMO has been given permission to publish it, as well as a paper on apartheid practices in the West Bank by George Burnett, a member of the LDFP.


PROFILE: Al-Khudairi's struggle for judiciary independence in Egypt continues

Mahmoud Al-Khudairi"I consider my resignation an expression of protest against the current conditions of the judiciary, and I hope that a serious action is taken to reform it."

It was with these words that Judge Mahmoud Al-Khudairi ended his career in the judiciary after 46 years as the vice president of the Egyptian Court of Cassation. This was back in 2009, when he was fighting for the independence of the judiciary under Mubarak's reign. Last night, he was arrested by Al-Sisi's militia at the age of 73.


Manifesto of all people of good conscience

Dr Salman Abu SittaWe, citizens of the world,

celebrating the human pursuit of freedom and independence,

adhering fully to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,

rejecting the ideology and practice of colonization under any name at any time,


PROFILE: Essam El Erian - a life behind bars

Essam El-ErianEssam Mohammed Hussein El Erian (1954) is an Egyptian physician and a political activist. He is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood's Guidance Council; and serves as vice chair of the Freedom and Justice Party.