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Israeli study claims Morsi planned to revoke Camp David peace accords

February 13, 2014 at 12:15 am

A recent Israeli study accused the deposed Egyptian president, Mohammed Morsi, of planning to annul the Camp David peace Accords signed in 1978 between Egypt and Israel.

The study said that the Muslim Brotherhood adopted certain tactics, which were considered the basis for revoking the accords. They accused Israel of disrespecting the terms of the accords.


Morsi’s strategy, the study said, was based on displaying respect to the international community on the one hand, while ordering his advisors to find legal excuses to justify the annulment.

The study which was prepared by an Israeli professor, Liad Borat, was titled ‘The Muslim Brotherhood and the challenge of peace between Egypt and Israel.’ The study was released by Begin-Sadat centre for Strategic Studies, which is affiliated to Bar Ilan University.

The bases of Morsi’s positions toward Israel, the study said, were religious; noting that he adamantly worked on reinforcing an impression in the collective Egyptian mind that Israel is “an enemy.”

The study noted the change of Egypt’s position toward the Palestinian resistance under Morsi’s rule. It pointed out that Egypt’s foreign policy was supportive of the Palestinians during the Israeli war of November 2012.

On another level, the study accused the Muslim Brotherhood leader, Dr Mohamed Badie, of incitement against Israel by his calls to liberate Palestine and the Muslim holy places by Jihad and not through negotiations or recourse at the UN.

Morsi’s hostility to Israel was influenced by his ideological background, the study claimed. If the Muslim Brotherhood rule continued, Egypt’s policy towards Israel would have been launched the same ideological premise, which was openly expressed by Badie, the study added.

For the same ideological reasons, the study claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood supported Hamas; and they attempted to consolidate their power in Egypt in order to improve their ability to fight against Israel in the future.

Meanwhile, the Israeli writer Dan Margalit called for the whole world to be on the alert in order to prevent the return of the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt. He said that this goal requires offering “unlimited” economic support to Egypt.