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Gaza's Paralympic games

Al-Jazira Sports Club held a Paralympic sports event for Gaza's disabled athletes, simulating Paralympic games and tournaments abroad.

Ali Al-Nazli, the club director, told MEMO that the event was held to bring those players, who have been prevented from participating in Arab and world championships due the Israeli siege, to the spotlight, noting that they have achieved various medals in previous tournaments. Restrictions on travel and attending international championships have been ongoing since 2012.

These disabled at least should have, at the very least, been excluded from travel bans and the continued closure of border crossings, as this negatively impacts their psychology and reduces their ability to train and do sports.

The event included players from both genders, male and female, as well as a variety of sports including spear-throw and volleyball among others.

Audiences and fans carried signs calling for the need for the participation of Gaza and Palestine in international champions and against depriving them and shutting the doors in their faces.

Images by MEMO Photographer Mohammed Asad.


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