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Israeli researchers recommend peaceful nuclear programme for Saudi Arabia

December 12, 2019 at 11:59 am

Nuclear power plant [Tennessee Valley Authority/Wikipedia]

Two Israeli researchers have raised concerns regarding Saudi Arabia’s efforts to obtain nuclear capabilities, fearing that Saudi might shift its position towards Israel, or that these capabilities might reach Israel’s enemies, Sama News reported on Wednesday.

In a report published by Israel Hayom, the two researchers called for resolving their concerns through cooperation with the US, in order to supply the Saudi Kingdom with a peaceful nuclear programme under strict observation.

According to the Israeli researchers, Saudi Arabia has been operating two nuclear research centres. They claim that they are still in the initial stages, noting that one “operates in the open, while the second stays in the shadows, and most of its activity is secret.”

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The researchers cited remarks by the former US secretary of energy, Rick Perry, stating in October that discussions with Saudi Arabia regarding the nuclear programme were advancing. Perry claims, according to the researchers, that Saudi Arabia announced it was unwilling to commit to not enriching uranium.

The researchers revealed that the Saudi crown prince, Mohamed Bin Salman, pledged that if Iran acquired military nuclear capabilities, the Saudis would follow suit without delay.

Concluding their report, the Israeli researchers affirmed that Israel has an interest in preventing even Arab countries that cooperate with Israel, whether openly or covertly, from nuclearising.