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Car bomb hits UAE-backed forces in Yemen's Aden

Fighters loyal to Yemen's separatist Southern Transitional Council (STC) reopen a highway in the southern Abyan province on 18 May 2020, following a three-hour ceasefire deal between pro-government troops and separatist forces. [NABIL HASAN/AFP via Getty Images]
Fighters loyal to Yemen's separatist Southern Transitional Council (STC) in Yemen on 18 May 2020 [NABIL HASAN/AFP/Getty Images]

A car bomb killed or injured a number of fighters travelling in a convoy of vehicles belonging to Yemen's main southern separatist forces in the city of Aden today, Reuters reported the militia saying.

The Southern Transitional Council (STC) forces tweeted that the casualties were part of a convoy including Brigadier-General Mohsen Al-Wali, but gave no figures.

In a separate post, they said Al-Wali and another general had survived "an assassination operation using a rigged car".

Video footage shared by STC activists on Facebook showed a white four-wheel-drive vehicle with extensive damage.

Aden is the seat of Yemen's internationally recognised government, which in December formed a new power-sharing cabinet including the STC under a deal brokered by Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh is leading a military coalition fighting to oust the Iranian-aligned Houthi movement that controls much of north Yemen and the capital Sanaa, and to restore the internationally recognised government of President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.

The power-sharing deal ended a standoff that had triggered clashes in Aden and complicated United Nations efforts to broker a permanent ceasefire in the overall conflict.

The war has killed more than 100,000 people and caused the world's largest humanitarian crisis.

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