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Tunisia: shocking video shows Covid corpses piled up with rubbish

Footage of corpses stored improperly near garbage at a Tunisian hospital has sent shockwaves across the country 

A shocking video has gone viral on social media in Tunisia which allegedly shows the corpses of Covid-19 victims piled up next to rubbish bins. The video is said to have been taken in the Charles Nicole Hospital, the largest in the country.

Dr Moncef Hamdoun, who works at the hospital, has explained that the surge of coronavirus deaths resulted in overcrowding in the hospital mortuary. Special procedures are needed, he pointed out, to transfer bodies to other hospitals, and these take time to arrange, hence the inappropriate storage arrangements.

Hamdoun added that the hospital management is planning to purchase a refrigerated truck to store those bodies for which there is no room in the mortuary. He insisted that nobody should have been allowed into the room where the piled up bodies were being kept.

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