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Israel blows up another university in Gaza 

Israa University in Gaza was transformed into a military base by Israel’s armed forces, as confirmed by the university’s official Facebook page. The institution, which once served as a beacon of education, was reportedly used for Israeli military operations, the detention of isolated civilians, and interrogation purposes.

January 18, 2024 at 11:17 am


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) yesterday blew up Al-Isra University in Gaza after occupying it and converting it into a military barracks and detention centre for 70 days, according to the Palestinian Information Centre.

The university administration said in a statement today: “The IOF occupied the university building for 70 days, turning it into a military base and a centre for sniping isolated civilians in the areas of Rashid Street, Al-Mughraqa and Al-Zahra, as well as a temporary detention centre for interrogating Palestinians, before detonating it.”

Israeli media outlets published a video documenting the moment the occupation forces detonated the bombs that sent debris and dust into the air.

The university administration condemned “the barbaric aggression that targeted the capabilities of students of knowledge, the latest of which was the destruction of the building of graduate studies and the main bachelor’s colleges in the south of Gaza City.”

The statement pointed out that occupation soldiers and officers looted rare artefacts held by the university before demolishing the museum building to cover up the traces of their crime.

The targeting of this education institution, they explained, is part of Israel’s ongoing policy of trying to keep Palestinians in “ignorance” and exclude them “from keeping up with the march of knowledge and civilisation, killing scientists and expelling minds and pillars of society outside Palestine.”

The Government Media Office in Gaza said that during the 100 days of Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza, Israel has destroyed 95 schools and universities completely and 295 schools and universities partially.

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