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Palestine This Week: Israel, a 'Pariah State'

Palestine This Week raises critical questions about the future of liberal democracy in the Anglosphere as governments grapple with the growing groundswell of support for Palestine and the increasing perception of Israel as a pariah state

March 19, 2024 at 6:00 pm

In this week’s episode of MEMO’s weekly review, host Nasim Ahmed and guest Mouin Rabbani delve into the growing trend of governments across the Anglosphere abandoning their liberal democratic principles in favour of authoritarian measures to defend Israel. The discussion covers a range of pressing issues, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s announcement of an impending invasion of Rafah, the debate over whether Israel is deliberately starving Gaza, the US sanctions on Israeli settlers and the growing efforts to crack down on pro-Palestine activism in the US and UK.

Rabbani provides insightful commentary on the significance of Senator Chuck Schumer’s description of Israel as a ‘pariah state’ and the potential motivations behind the push to ban TikTok in the US, which has seen a surge in pro-Palestine content. The conversation also touches upon the controversial new definition of extremism introduced by the UK’s Tory government, which critics argue is another step towards authoritarianism and is likely to target pro-Palestine groups while ignoring Jewish supremacist ideologies.

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