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A Palestinian doctor who lost 7 from his family in Gaza speaks at Brazil´s Parliament

April 26, 2024 at 5:27 pm

The former Dean of Dentistry Faculty in Palestine University of Gaza Dr. Jamal Naim speaks at the Brazilian Parliament, on April 2024 [Brazilian Parliament]

The Human Rights Committee of the Brazilian Parliament devoted a public hearing session on Wednesday evening to discuss the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. What is notable this time at this session is the presence of an eyewitness from Gaza, as the Brazilian Parliament invited an eyewitness from Gaza to come to Brazil and speak about the genocide and the systematic human rights violations by the Israeli Occupation Forces against the Palestinian people in Gaza, calling on Brazilian deputies to exert more pressure on the Occupation and expose its crimes.

Speaking at the Brazilian Parliament, the former Dean of Dentistry Faculty in Palestine University of Gaza, Dr. Jamal Naim, who was brought out from under the rubble of a bombed house by the Occupation planes, along with his family members, stood and delivered his real story of suffering under the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

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The Committee, headed by federal representatives, Joao Daniel and Padre Joao, have extended an unprecedented official invitation to several Palestinian parliamentary figures to participate in the session. Among them were Palestinian Ambassador to Brasília, Ibrahim Al-Zaben, the President of the Brazilian-Palestinian Institute (Iberspal) Ahmed Shehadeh and the President of the Palestinian Arab Federation of Brazil (FEPAL) Ualid Rabah, and a large number of Brazilian representatives, jurists and ambassadors from 15 countries.

“I came from the hell on the earth, the cemetery of children and dreams, I came from Gaza!  What is happening in Gaza can’t be counted in words or phrases. The Israeli Occupation killed my mother, daughters and grand-daughters and destroyed every place I owned,” Dr. Jamal Naim said at the session.

“Today, I’m delivering my speech here in Brazil as an attempt to convey the voice of the Palestinian buried under the rubble of his home to the world,” he added.

Dr Naim, who travelled a long way, from the Gaza Strip to Brazil, despite all the difficulties and challenges, spoke on behalf of Gaza, Palestinians and his own family.  Dr. Jamal Naim’s family, comprises numerous doctors and dentists, once basking in a life of happiness and boundless aspirations, now bears the heart-wrenching void left by the loss of their daughter, Shaima, her precious son Taysir, Samaah and her infant daughters, Lara, and Butoul. These innocent lives were brutally killed by the Israeli occupation.

In an interview with Dr. Naim, he confirms to MEMO that the invitation represents a new and important step in the already good relationship between Brazil and the Palestinian cause. He says: “This session is considered a precedent step as this is the first Parliament in the world which listens to a victim from Gaza. When you hear the news or see pictures on television, it will remain as passing news. In contrast, hearing from someone who was personally injured and lost family members has a stronger impact for the credibility of our miserable situation in Gaza.”

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At the Brazilian Parliament, Dr. Jamal Naim could not hold his tears while recounting his difficult moments in Gaza under the Israeli aggression. Naim was displaced from the north of Gaza, with more than 80 people, to a house in the middle of the Gaza Strip, lived through nearly 100 more bloody days of bombing and destruction and suffered every moment from hunger, thirst, cold weather and infectious diseases and then suddenly found himself under the rubble and surrounded by martyrs and wounded from his family.

“Despite all my pains and loses, we should stand and deliver the message of the oppressed Palestinian people who are still suffering under the Israeli genocide and ethnic cleansing. I call the Brazilian people, legislators and the whole world to stop the genocide,  put pressure to hold the Occupation accountable for its crimes and demand a boycott of the Occupying state at political, economic and military levels,” Naim said.

Dr Naim adds: “Gaza has revived the global conscience around the world. When I meet any Brazilian in the street, market or restaurant, and he knows that I´m Palestinian, he immediately expressed his full support with our people in Gaza and Palestine. They also express extreme anger at the world’s silence about the Israeli massacres in Gaza.

A view of Brazilian Parliament personnel, on April 2024 [Brazilian Parliament]

No one can bet on the strength of the Palestinian people or their unlimited patience. Today, the Palestinian doctor, Jamal Naim, rises again from the ashes and revives like a phoenix to narrate his own real story to the world.  Maybe, the world will listen or awaken to stop this genocide. “We don’t have other choices, we must stand and rise again, like a phoenix from the ashes,” Naim concluded.

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